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Arguing the case for efficient N-use

Oslo, December 02, 2013
At the sixth International Nitrogen Conference, held for the first time in Kampala, Uganda, Yara had two scientists presenting cases on how to optimize the use of nitrogen (N) fertilizers.
Joachim Lammel

“The role of fertilizers and optimal use of crop nutrients needs to be more clearly understood. While N-fertilizers and the other crop nutrients are absolutely key to feed the world, poor management can damage the environment,” explains Joachim Lammel, working with R&D in Yara.

The International Nitrogen Conference, which is a triennial event, is a network of scientists and other stakeholders aiming to optimize the beneficial role of nitrogen in sustainable food production while minimizing negative effects. 

Just enough Nitrogen 

Under the theme “Let us aim for just enough N”, 161 delegates discussed the issues at hand in Kampala, Uganda, on 18-22 November. Yara supports the overall idea of increased precision when using fertilizers.

“Our research clearly shows that there are environmental and economic benefits from optimizing the use of N-fertilizer. But successful, sustainable intensification of farming also requires broader knowledge on farm management and the full range of crop nutrients,” Lammel says.

“We adopt a full life cycle approach to the inputs used in farming. Together with partners in the value chain and universities specialized in agro-science, we are conducting research to develop a complete framework for understanding the methods involved, and measuring the impacts of sustainable intensification,” he adds.

Yara’s existing products, tools and solutions are already supporting farmers, by improving their fertilizer application efficiency with targeted advice based on local conditions and crop-specific knowledge. In parallel with Joachim Lammel, Yara’s Senior Scientist Frank Brentrup presented ongoing research to define the overall impact from best practice farming.

We want farmers to apply just the right amount of Nitrogen fertilizer, when the time is right.

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