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Oslo, February 21, 2013
Yara has been recognized with a presence on the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) core advisory group.
developing guidelines for sustainable agriculture

The UNGC is the world's largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative, which aims to advance sustainable business models and markets, and the support of wider UN goals.

"Being invited to participate in this Core Advisory Group (CAG) is clear evidence that Yara is becoming more visible in global fora and recognized as being able to impact on the global challenges facing our industry, agriculture and the environment," says Yara CEO and President Jørgen Ole Haslestad.

The UNCG and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) are working to develop guidelines and principles for sustainable agriculture, as food security matters increasingly become a major global concern to policy institutions.

"Fertilizers in general and Yara in particular - based on its global presence and expertise - are recognized as major factors in a global solution," says Jean Paul Beens, Yara's Head of Public Affairs and Industry Relations and representative on the CAG. "Yara has already shown its impact via efforts such as growth corridors, Carbon Footprint and the Sahara Forest Project - but together we still must tackle the greatest challenges ahead."

Jean Paul highlights that the magnitude of these challenges necessitates the cooperation of all stakeholders, public or private. "Stakeholders need to know what to expect from each other in terms of behavior, capabilities and responsibilities - and business principles must develop all along the agricultural supply chain."

Jean Paul points out that the guiding principles of such efforts are voluntary, but often evolve to become the foundation for legislation.

CAG participation will mean that Yara, alongside other global players such as BASF, Monsanto and Nestlé, will have the opportunity to propose solutions to the institutions representing world community interests.

Yara's first CAG meeting took place on January 28-29 in Geneva, Switzerland. Jean Paul explains that the proposals and arguments will be mined in a sequence of three workshops until May 2013, and will result in a final set of business principles that will emerge in the third quarter of 2014.

"I consider it vital for Yara to be at the core of the start of such processes - helping to set the correct path, actively contributing, and ultimately achieving effective and viable solutions to the global challenges of food, resource and environmental security," he says.

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