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Green week: Yara shows technologies to improve air quality

Oslo, June 17, 2013
’Cleaner air for all’ was the theme of the European Commission's Green Week Conference 2013 which took place in Brussels from June 4-7. Government representatives, non-governmental organizations, business and industry leaders gathered to discuss air-related issues and solutions to air pollution in Europe. Yara, selected by the European Union Commission, showcased its technologies to meet the air quality challenge facing Europe.


"The technology for cleaner air is available, it is proven and cost efficient. The use of our technologies and products will allow our clients around the world to reduce one million tons of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) - as much as countries like Germany or France emit in a year,” says Yara´s Head of Industrial Marketing Véronique Revoy.

“Yara is a market leader in technologies to reduce NOx emissions to air. For 30 years, we have been helping all sectors reduce emissions – with AdBlue® with Selective Catalytic reduction (SCR) for vehicles, Non Selective Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) and SCR technologies used with urea or ammonia for plants, SCR technology with urea for vessels," says Yves Bonte, Head of the Industrial Segment. 

Air pollution: a high-cost for society 

Air quality is a major hazard that many European citizens are exposed to on a daily basis. The EU has declared 2013 the ‘Year of Air’ - and the European Commission is carrying out a thorough review of European air policy in order to shape a new strategy to improve air quality in the EU.

"Legislation has been in place for over 20 years but European air quality is not improving as fast as legislators would like. The societal cost is huge, with half a million premature deaths every year in Europe due to air pollution. Some call it an invisible killer," explains Véronique Revoy.

According to Yves Bonte, the main obstacles to reduced emissions are a continued need for legislation - notably in some sectors such as shipping - and the lack of implementation of existing legislation, as a majority of EU member states fail to comply with existing regulations. ”For industry and business, implementation of environmental legislation should be done with a framework of incentives so that it isn’t just a constraint, " he adds. 

Proven and cost efficient technologies to cut emissions and support sustainable growth 

Green Week featured a set of conferences about air quality, as well as an exhibition area where Yara had a booth. Yara had the opportunity to engage with different stakeholders and show that cost-efficient technologies are available to help reduce NOx emissions and support sustainable growth while safeguarding the environment.

"Our DeNOx solutions have made Yara a market leader in NOx emission reduction and we have further growth ambitions in this area," says Veronique Revoy. "In addition, this is business that also directly impacts our health and the environment.”

Cleaner air in practice

  • In 2012, 866,000 tons of NOx have been abated by Yara technology and products. This is approximately equivalent to the emissions of a country the size of Spain 
  • Over 200 Yara SNCR DeNOx systems are installed in industrial sites around the world
  • Yara SNCR technology enables reduction of up to 80% of NOx emissions from industrial plants burning fossil fuels 
  • Over 500 ships around the world use SCR technology, some of which is supplied by Yara

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