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On tour with the N2O abatement catalyst

Oslo, November 22, 2013
Yara R&D and Innovation had a voice at the prestigious Ecochem conference on 19 - 21 November in Basel, Switzerland, to present Yara's greenhouse gas abatement catalyst technology.
Yara N2O abatement catalyst

Basel, a town which has seen residents like the scholar Erasmus and German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, warmly invited participants from across the world to discuss sustainable chemistry and engineering.

"We want to be present at the Ecochem conference because it is a meeting place to discuss sustainable industry and environmental issues the world needs to solve," explains Odd-Arne Lorentsen, leader for Catalyst Systems with Yara Downstream’s R&D Department.

We can make a difference 

The Conference on Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering is a gathering of influential leaders from industry, government and science. The three-day event features over 200 interactive presentations as well as workshops, panel discussions and industry awards.

Market leaders like Dow, BASF, DuPont, Nestle, and Novartis, among many others, share research, concepts and technologies in an effort to promote innovation, research and commercialization of chemical products. "We want to be visible, showing that we take the environment seriously and that we can make a difference for the fertilizer industry by offering our N2O abatement catalyst," Odd-Arne says.

His presentation at the conference - 'How to significantly lower the carbon footprint from fertilizer production' - introduced the global megatrends of food security, resource scarcity and climate change and pollution, how Yara through its Creating Impact strategic approach has committed to deliver business solutions to these, and how these goals fit together.

Yara’s star – N2O abatement catalyst 

"Using Yara's low-carbon footprint fertilizers and best practice application tools allows farmers to decrease the carbon footprint of crop production by 25 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year, saving land and maintaining yields," Odd-Arne said. "We produce fertilizer while caring for the climate."

The 'star' of the Yara presentation was the N2O abatement catalyst, which has enabled the emissions reductions behind the low-carbon footprint fertilizer guarantee.

"The catalyst removes about 90% of the powerful greenhouse gas N2O, also known as laughing gas, from the fertilizer production process. That is one way Yara makes an impact on climate change concerns, and the N2O catalyst development clearly shows that R&D is valuable for our company and to society," Odd-Arne says.

"Yara's presence at the Ecochem conference is an opportunity to explain how Yara and agriculture can be part of the solution, as well as an opportunity for networking with other companies and decision-makers in Europe that attend.”

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