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Oslo, September 19, 2013
Yara International has set out to grow in Brazil, as well as making Brazil grow efficiently. Effective from 8 August 2013, Yara’s acquisition of Bunge's fertilizer business in Brazil is an important step forward for our growth ambitions in Latin America.
Jørgen Haslestad visits one of Yara’s facilities in Brazil

On a warm and clear Brazilian day, Yara’s President and CEO Jørgen Ole Haslestad, alongside Yara’s Head of Downstream Egil Hogna and Chief Human Resources Officer Håkan Hallén, visited the newly acquired fertilizer facility in Cubatão on 9 September. The host was President of Yara Brazil, Lair Hanzen. The background for the visit was the recently completed acquisition of Bunge’s fertilizer division. Plans have been made to meld the two into a united company.

Management’s visit to Brazil indicates the beginning of a larger Yara presence in Latin America. In a presentation at the facility in Cubatão, the CEO emphasized his vision of how the company intends to grow with the arrival of new colleagues from the acquisition of Bunge Fertilizers. Besides the overview of Yara's operations and how they are performed today, Haslestad explained why Yara Brazil and Bunge together represent a perfect harmony, enhancing the maintenance of market leadership. The deal has made Yara a leader in the Brazilian fertilizer market, with a share estimated at 25%.

Yara’s CEO in exclusive interview 

Jørgen Ole Haslestad also used the opportunity to give an exclusive interview to 'Valor Econômico', the most important business dailies in Brazil, in an article featured on the front page. The media coverage also included a video interview with Haslestad for the newspaper’s web edition.

The Creating Impact strategy encompasses all of Yara’s operations, and Haslestad explained in the interview how this initiative is the main approach to Yara’s business operations; the development of solutions that help feed the world, manage limited resources and reduce environmental impacts. He further highlighted Yara's initiative in Brazil with the Framework Agreement on Cooperation with Embrapa, the largest agribusiness research company in Brazil.

Jørgen Ole Haslestad said in the interview with 'Valor Econômico' that the company “has plans for continued growth in Brazil. Considering a promising market, the country will account for one third of Yara’s revenues after the inclusion of the results from Bunge.” 

“With you, we are Yara”

Yara´s employees

However, the main purpose for the trip to Brazil was meeting with new colleagues and welcoming them into the Yara family. The seminar organized at Florianópolis was attended by over 380 employees from Yara Brazil. The new employees had the possibility to learn about future challenges, how to work in Yara, and how the company is positioned globally and locally.

Topics such as safety, ethics and talent management were discussed at the seminar, which included speakers such as Head of Downstream Egil Hogna and Chief Human Resources Officer Håkan Hallén. One of the sociable highlights of the seminar was the organization of all employees onto a football field to form a "Y" for a photo representing ‘With you, we are Yara’.

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