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Meet the summer interns!

Oslo, August 13, 2014
One of the season's highlights at Yara Porsgrunn's R&D facilities is the arrival of the summer students.
Yara summer interns

As part of an industry driven by innovation, research and technology developments, attracting young talents is a crucial task for Yara. As a global company, Yara always seeks to be an industry shaper, leading the way and taking on challenges as they arrive. To do so, competence, talent and knowledge are key assets. One of the means to attract young talents is to invite students to work for Yara during their summer breaks.

Obtaining valuable experience

Since summer 2012, the R&D Centers in Porsgrunn, Norway have welcomed a total of 20 students from all over Europe. The eight students this summer represent universities in Trondheim, Oslo (both Norway), Rennes (France) and Wroclaw (Poland).

"Each of the four departments in the R&D units has an intern. Each intern has a "buddy" they report to and collaborate with," explains Kathrine Hendseth, working with Yara Innovation and R&D.

During the summer the students work on projects and are hands on in the labs, which provides valuable experience for them and for Yara. This summer's crop of interns is working on subjects as varied as fertilizer coatings and fluid dynamics simulations.

"R&D Porsgrunn has over 20 nationalities working closely with a focus on cross-team and department work," Kathrine says. "Collaboration, information and knowledge sharing are top priorities. This environment is part of the intern experience."

Want students to return to Yara

"My experience is that the interns adapt quite fast, and the knowledge level of the students is high," says Principal Engineer in Yara, Amund Myrstad, who is a "buddy" for the second year in a row. "I have had students from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) impressing me by finding significant results."

And why do the students do it? Mustafa Kømurcu, 22, from the University of Oslo is interning for the second time with Yara R&D. Asked what brought him back, he said "I guess the answer is this 'feeling', working with real world problems."

"The world will need more food in a couple of decades but this has to be done both environmentally friendly and sustainably," he adds, "and this is what we do in Yara!"

“I am truly glad to see that Yara has attracted a highly talented and diverse group of students to spend their summer with us,” says Kaija Korolainen, Chief HR Officer in Yara International. “Hopefully we have presented ourselves as an employer of choice, and these talented students from different parts of the world will return to Yara after finishing their studies. We need people like Mustafa to drive our industry further and take new innovative steps!”

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