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Yara opens new US terminal dedicated to Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Oslo, May 23, 2013
A new storage terminal in Chesapeake, Virginia opened in mid-May, expanding Yara's capacity on the important east coast of the USA.
Truck Driver using DEF

The fully operational storage facility will provide fleets and retail outlets throughout the Mid-Atlantic region increased access to Yara’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) under the Air1 brand - the US term for AdBlue - used by diesel-powered vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to reduce emissions.

"Yara continues to make large, scalable investments in our global supply chain network to answer the growth of the US market," says Chad Dombroski, Director of Air1 for Yara North America. "This terminal opening reflects Yara's ongoing commitment that our customers will have DEF where and when they need it."

Expanding global production and distribution capabilities

Chesapeake Terminal

The new facility is Yara’s latest investment to expand global production and distribution capabilities to meet continued market demand. DEF consumption in North America by Class 4-8 vehicles is expected to reach 204 million gallons by the end of the year. Integer Research, the leading DEF market analyst, predicts this will double to 402 million gallons by 2015 and reach 1.2 billion tons per year in North America by 2019.

"This facility will have a 7300 metric ton storage tank and allow us to maximize our import strength and competitive advantage," Chad explains. "It is also a strategic location for our east coast development."

The east coast of the USA is a heavily populated and traveled area, anchored by cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Baltimore. Much of the truck traffic travels on Interstate 95 which stretches from Maine in the north to Miami, Florida.

"The new terminal will be able to supply a great number of truck stops and distributors which service the trucks coming in and out of this area," he continues.

The Chesapeake terminal will join the coast-to-coast network of storage terminals Yara operates throughout North America in order to supply what many predict will become the largest DEF market in the world in coming years.

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