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New apps give farmers instant crop advice

Oslo, July 06, 2012
Yara’s new smartphone apps, CheckIT and ImageIT, connect farmers with Yara’s century long experience and put scientific research right into farmers’ pockets.
Yara ImageIT

Yara now launches two smartphone apps that can give all farms access to knowledge that have so far been reserved for large high-tech farms. The new apps, CheckIT and ImageIT, help farmers to improve crop yield and quality.

"Yara puts its century long experience and extensive scientific research into the farmers' pocket. The launch of Yara's smartphone apps makes high-tech farming easily available. This is another step to make farming more productive, supporting food security which is high on the global agenda such as at the G20 summit in Mexico,” says Egil Hogna, Yara’s SVP and Head of Downstream.

"CheckIT and ImageIT illustrates Yara’s continued commitment to innovate. These new apps can provide valuable advice for growers on how to use their fertilizers more accurately, to reduce losses, optimize yields, identify problems in their crops and locate solutions," says Hogna.

Growers can access online databases of key crops via their mobile device, or enter crop type or location to connect to Yara's massive processing capacity for expert advice. The information is customized for growers’ local conditions, in their local language and loads quickly even in low signal areas.

With ImageIT the smartphone camera becomes a crop nutrient scanner: Growers take pictures of their selected crops and send them through the app. The growers receive the nitrogen rate and a suggested suitable product to increase the yield and quality of the crop. In poor signal areas, the pictures can also be stored offline and also gives the possibility to receive a nutrient report via email.

ImageIT is available in UK, France and Germany. The first version of ImageIT supports oilseed rape in France and oilseed rape and winter wheat in UK and Germany.

CheckIT helps growers quickly and easily identify nutrient deficiencies, using Yara’s global crop nutrition database. Based on the deficiency, CheckIT provides crop specific fertilizer recommendations and nutrition advice. In addition to immediate solutions for crop problems, it provides preventive advice for the next season. CheckIT can also use mobile location services to provide contact information to the nearest Yara office.

CheckIT is available in UK, Germany and Finland. The app currently supports 16 different crops.

To download the apps, please visit the Android Market (Google Play), the Windows App Hub or the iTunes app store.

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