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Setting Safety Standards

Oslo, November 20, 2014
A successful safety culture involves all employees - it's a collaborative effort.
Setting safety standards

In a business like ours, safety has to prevail. Always! Yara runs world class operations, but improvements are always needed – we work towards our goal of zero accidents and can never let our guard down. To reach that ambitious goal, we have set out on a journey towards Safe by Choice and with it Yara Industrial UK has reached an important milestone of five years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

Safety milestone 

"Strong employee culture, the support of our colleagues, contractors and strategic business partners, along with robust systems of working, have all led us to this milestone safety event," says Yara UK’s Industrial country coordinator Jeremy Prew.

"Reaching five years (nearly 2000 days) without an LTI is a significant achievement and is a credit to all those in the UK Industrial Team," Jeremy says. "Special mention should go to colleagues who are involved in the daily production and logistics processes where there is inherently a higher risk of accidents - particularly where contractors are involved."

"This shows the value of constant vigilance and also of company-wide initiatives like "Safe By Choice" and "Think Safe, Think Ahead". However, we cannot be complacent and as a team we must strive to keep this record intact - we cannot take our eye off the ball," he stresses.

Thanks to these great efforts Yara Industrial UK qualifies for an EIGA (European Industrial Gases Association) Bronze Safety Award for our Hounslow site. This is awarded to any industrial location achieving five consecutive years without a lost time incident to any employee and will be communicated throughout the wider EU manufacturing and chemicals sector.

Collaboration pays off!

"The attainment of five years without a lost time injury is a fitting testament to the vigilance and dedication of our employees and business partners. It is only through their proactive actions and willing attitudes that we can hope to progress and continue on our safety journey," says Yara’s Regional HESQ Manager Darren Pick.

"This is an excellent achievement by everyone in the UK CO2 business. However, that's not the only positive news here," adds Head of HESQ Industrial Alan Ross. "It should also be noted that there has not been a TRI (Total Recordable Injury - which includes Restricted Work Case and Medical Treatment Case) involving a Yara employee since September 2007."

"In Yara we quite rightly put a lot of emphasis on our major hazard risks presented by the large Upstream plants but in doing so we often fail to acknowledge the hazards and risks posed to individuals in our smaller operations such as dry ice plants," Alan continues. "Here operators carry out tens of thousands of manual handling operations every year and each one has the potential to result in an injury if not thought about and carried out properly."

"All credit to everyone for their dedication and commitment to living up to our Safe by Choice ideals," he concludes. "HESQ involves all employees - it's a collaborative effort."

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