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Strengthening a green image

Oslo, July 15, 2014
Yara’s latest acquisitions to its portfolio of industrial solutions have attracted interest in its home country. Representing ways to combat the global socioeconomic challenge of air pollution, the market niche is only expected to grow as population-dense areas increase and human health is threatened.
NOx abatement at a powerplant

Yara’s recent STRABAG acquisition, the latest in a trend of investments in emission-to-air (E2A) technology which included Green Tech Marine and H + H Umwelt- und- Industrietechnik earlier this year, attracted media attention in Norway and provided a chance to position Yara more firmly there as a strong E2A player.

"We have invested NOK 300 million in mergers and acquisitions activities to take a leading position in catalyst and technology delivery," says Head of Industrial segment, Yves Bonte. "This has brought us to a leadership position in terms of NOx abatement. For shipping, we are the only total solutions provider for both NOx and SOx."

"In 2013, we helped customers cleanse 1 million tons of NOx, which is the size of the total annual emissions in France," Yves Bonte points out. "We will increase this by 13 percent or more in 2014."

Solutions for society at large

"The Creating Impact approach aims to deliver win-win solutions for Yara and society at large," adds Rolf Isberg, Head of Environmental Solutions - Industry and Maritime. "For society it is cost efficient to eliminate emissions rather than to treat the health and environmental damage."

"Delivery of reagents has been the core business for Industrial, but now Yara's investments have allowed us to penetrate deeper into the value chain of our niche in the emissions to air business," Rolf Isberg says. "The addressable market for Yara's technologies and product offerings is expected to grow to USD 4 billion by 2020."

Legislation drives this business area and is becoming more stringent worldwide, with EU and USA as the forerunners. "Competition is stiff from many regional and national players, both on the reagent and technology fronts," Rolf Isberg continues. "It is vital for Yara to have critical mass, a combination of global reach, reliability and capacity, and being a total solution provider builds our position."

"Unless something very serious occurs with the global economy, we are certain that the reduction of emissions, particularly in population-dense areas, will continue," says Yves Bonte. "It is socioeconomically correct to treat these emissions at source. This gives us better human health and reduces expense linked to treating debilitating illness and premature death."

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