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The Water Scarcity Innovation platform achieves success

Oslo, September 16, 2013
Lack of accessible fresh water is a growing global challenge that needs to be tackled. The ‘Water Scarcity Innovation Platform’ bundles projects aimed at helping Yara become the leading supplier of crop nutrition solutions responding to this global challenge and helping farmers maximize their use of water in agriculture.
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"The Water Scarcity platform consists of different innovation projects related to Yara's product portfolio, such as the Tools and Services systems offered to customers, and research projects like 'Water Footprint' and 'Crop Nutrition Impact on water use efficiency’. The platform roadmap has a long-term vision to develop Yara as the market shaper of crop nutrition solutions responding to water scarcity issues around the globe,” explains Hans Goossens, Director of Yara Downstream New Business.

“We are well on our way to realizing our ambition to develop a new range of products and services bundled with technologies like irrigation, to offer a unique portfolio of solutions to water scarcity in agriculture," he adds.

"A fertigation strategy has also been established. The fertigation software program was launched in selected countries, with global rollout on the planning board," says Yara’s Fertigation Specialist Wilson Goto. "Fertigation related projects are now showing first results in the markets." 

Support from experts across the world 

In the beginning of 2013 a global network of experts was established to support Yara's ambitions to further shape the fertigation market, pursuing the goals of the Water Scarcity Platform. This Fertigation Network has concentrated on knowledge sharing, and focusing its strategic outlook on market analysis and segmentation.

"We will build a fertigation guidance handbook to explain the main problems and possible solutions, and provide training with in-field practice," Wilson continues. "Our R&D department will continue to provide support, enabling us to upgrade our recommendations and product development." 

Launching the Yara fertigation plan software 

Another platform milestone was the launch by Yara Iberia of the Yara Fertigation Plan for more than 15 crops and 45 different production systems. "The Fertigation Plan is an online knowledge system to assist and deliver an optimized fertigation program for the specific crop in question, with the available Yara fertilizer portfolio," explains Juan Jose Catala, Crop Manager Yara Iberia.

The Fertigation Plan software is now available for our sales teams and agronomists in 10 countries (Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Egypt and India), and currently covers more than 80 crop production systems. New countries and crop systems are added almost every month. Our ‘Tools and Services’ project team is developing this with a view to a dynamic Fertigation Planner that will make Yara’s know-how and tools accessible over the web for the farmer’s specific decisions on fertilizer use. 

Calculate your own water footprint 

Another major tool under continuing R&D development from Yara’s research center in Hanninghof is a Water Footprint calculator for crop production. The calculation is based on the widely used approach of the Water Footprint Network, and allows a determination of the water footprint for all relevant field crops, including vegetables and fruit trees, grown in any country in the world.

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