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Integration of Yara Alborán is completed

Oslo, May 15, 2013
The sales office Yara Alborán, in Almeria, Spain, is a fully integrated part of Yara Spain since April 1, 2013. Yara Alborán became entirely owned by Yara in December 2012, with the acquisition of the remaining 40.62 percent of the shares previously belonging to partner Agrupaejido.
Yara office in Almería, Spain

“The merger maximizes focus on Yara's core activity of commercializing plant nutrients under the Yara brand and integrates the two companies fully, with positive synergies in costs," says Olaf Hektoen, country manager in Spain.

Agrupaejido is one of the main horticulture traders in the Almeria region, noted for its spectacular, massive greenhouses that transform roughly 25,000 hectares of hostile terrain into an agricultural oasis.

Besides fertilizer, Yara Alborán provided plant protection, and all other material the greenhouses need to operate, selling partly to farmers through agents, and partly to independent retailers. 

Strong and successful history in Spain

Yara staff in Almeria

"Yara's history in Spain started already when the first wooden barrel of Calcium Nitrate arrived in 1907," Olaf says. "Through its strong history and century-long presence in Spain, Yara is recognized as a serious fertilizer provider with products of very high quality."

A number of technical factors are behind Yara's success in the region. In the late 1980s Yara discovered that even with relatively high salinity, the water in Almeria could be used in fertigation without eroding final vegetable quality when using Yara's calcium nitrate.

"Adding calcium nitrate to the nutrient solutions allows the plants to take up nitrogen and calcium instead of the toxic elements sodium and chlorides. The calcium is essential for increasing the quality and shelf life of greenhouse products," Olaf says.

"The first selling boom in Yara Alborán came with the creation of a logistics platform that gave them the capacity to import products in bulk," Olaf explains. "Being able to provide both soluble and liquids products gave the company a unique selling point and its wide range of products offered tailor-made solutions for the Almerian greenhouse segment."

"We are convinced that the Almeria region will continue to supply European markets with its renowned high quality horticultural produce," he adds, "and look forward to working hand in hand with their farmers to achieve joint success."

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