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Yara apps update

Oslo, March 14, 2014
Yara's digital offerings continue to gain popularity and a new application – Yara DiscoverIT - is ready for launch.
Yara DiscoverIT

Yara, as the world’s leading manufacturer of fertilizers and knowledge partner in agricultural practice, has long embraced digital tools as a means to share its expertise with its customers and end users. The company is also solving old problems with new tools, such as the continuous fight against fake products. But most importantly, smartphone applications enable us to better provide farmers with knowledge, scientific evidence and guidelines.

"DiscoverIT will add new security measures to weed out counterfeiters to a range of more conventional features, creating an extremely versatile mobile tool for the end user," says Head of Yara’s Digital Marketing Magnus Rambraut.

The Yara Fertilizer Product identifier

The app supplies an overview of authorized Yara dealers and a scanner for the security barcode in markets where this safeguard is used. The scanner works as a QR/barcode reader as well. The scan function acts as a Genuine Yara Fertilizer Product identifier.

"In the case of China, the scanner reads the barcode on the Yara product package and confirms that the product is authentic, as long as the code has not been scanned before - every code is unique and can be scanned up to five times," Magnus explains.

Besides these authentication features, DiscoverIT also includes links to existing Yara apps, to make DiscoverIT a kind of hub of Yara's digital tools.

Products are presented first by brand, and then detailed information is given, including package images, another feature designed to help exposed markets authenticate products. in addition, an overview of which crops the respective product could be applied to, and then link to crop programs where application rates information can be found.

The Social dimension in Farming

YaraVita product description screens links to the TankmixIT app to search for mix-ability, either by opening it straight away, or prompting the user to install it from the relevant app store. When investigating details about the crop fertilizer program, DiscoverIT in the same way links to CheckIT to show crop nutrient deficiencies.

Social interactivity is also built in to DiscoverIT, with users easily able to share the app via email or SMS which includes a link to app stores, or via social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The new utility will be ready for download for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, and its first market launch is planned for China and Brazil.

Yara's range of digital apps continues to enjoy healthy downloads, and the respected USA agriculture magazine 'CropLife' named CheckIT - the diagnostic tool for identifying crop nutrient deficiencies - as one of the top agricultural application downloads for 2014.

CheckIT is Yara's most popular app so far, where it’s currently launched in 25 countries in 17 languages. With more countries and languages in the pipeline.

TankmixIT, which provides guidelines for mixing YaraVita with partner spray materials. ImageIT, although currently only available for oilseed rape in six countries, has already proven to be a success and has gained the recommendation of France's Technical Center for Oilseed Crops and Industrial Hemp (CETIOM). Further crops are under calibration.

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