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Yara stays APPdated - developing smart technology for easy use

Oslo, September 03, 2013
In just two years Yara has developed online apps that are now in active use around the world, providing instant responses to customer questions.
Demonstration of Yara CheckIT in the field

Yara has developed smart tools to be used by customers on an everyday basis. Linking up with smartphones creates a perfect match, building on already existing technology platforms. “We simply had to explore the possibilities!” says Yara’s Tove Andersen, Head of Downstream Marketing and New Business. 

“For us, smartphone applications are an important part of our digital marketing strategy - and digital is the future when it comes to engaging with end users," says Tove Andersen.

"In recent years ever more people around the world have started using mobile applications, at home and at work," says Head of Digital Marketing at Yara, Magnus Rambraut. "The use of smartphones and mobile applications in the agricultural world is increasing rapidly, and there is a growing demand for apps that can help farmers and agricultural professionals in their day-to day activities, and make their work more efficient," he adds. 

Yara´s knowledge readily at hand for customers 

The world needs to grow more food, using less land, all the while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To accomplish that, smartness is needed in all parts of the value chain. Smartphones are a natural part of modern life, and packed with the right apps, they are the perfect tools for taking part in the smart farming revolution, improving global agriculture. Along with Yara tools like the Yara N-Tester and the Yara N-Sensor, Yara’s mobile apps combine cost efficiency with climate-friendly agriculture, creating value for the farmer and protecting the environment.

"When mobile applications just started appearing on the market, we saw the possibility of using our extensive knowledge database to create tools that are easily accessible and value for the users," Magnus Rambraut says. "As a result, we have been the first mover in many markets, coming out with highly effective smartphone farming tools, reconfirming our position as an innovative company that offers value-added products accompanied with valuable tools and services."

The current portfolio of Yara apps includes the ‘IT’ family: 

Yara TankmixIT: shows mixability of YaraVita with other spray materials; 
Yara ImageIT: measures nitrogen uptake in a crop and generates a nitrogen recommendation based on photos of the crop; 
Yara CheckIT: a photo library of crops to allow fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies; 

The Yara apps are further represented by the AdBlue (DEF) mobile locator, an official Air1 application that allows drivers to quickly find the nearest Air1/AdBlue filling station.

There are also two local apps: Gjødsel (Norwegian), a calculator of the correct amount of fertilizer from the selected amount of nitrogen per hectare, and Entzugsrechner (German), a nutrient removal calculator to calculate the rate of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Sulfur removed with the harvest.

Learn more about the Yara Apps portfolio here:  

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