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Yara and Embrapa sign agreement in Brazil

Oslo, November 29, 2012
Yara has signed a contract with Embrapa - the largest research company in Brazil, and a key player in the transformational growth in Brazilian agriculture. The agreement involves joint research and will focus on the efficient use of fertilizer nutrients and their environmental impact on production systems in tropical soils.
Yara and Embrapa sign agreement

"The deal will combine Yara's long history of research and development with Embrapa's knowledge about Brazilian agriculture. This is the first partnership involving both exchange and knowledge generation between Embrapa - the most important governmental center for agriculture research - and a private fertilizer company," says Lair Hanzen, BU Manager Yara Brazil.

Embrapa is the biggest research company in Brazil, with 42 research centers and 2.000 researchers. The signing was announced on November 27th during Embrapa's annual leadership team meeting.

The partnership will allow both companies to develop joint studies of N-forms, their agronomic efficiency and carbon footprint on different crops and regions in Brazil. The first official step will be a meeting between Embrapa and the Yara R&D team at Hanninghof Research Centre (HRC) in December to define the first project and action plan.

"The smaller the environmental impact on food production, the greater the acceptance of the international market and the lower the non-tariff barriers for agricultural products in Brazil," explains Embrapa researcher José Polidoro.

"This partnership seeks to minimize the carbon footprint of fertilizers in Brazil, and to help reach the international goals in greenhouse gases emissions reduction that Brazil must meet as well as contribute to the Agriculture Program of Low Carbon of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply."

Adding value through knowledge and innovation

Mauricio Antônio Lopes, President of Embrapa, told those gathered at the event about the importance of the agreement, and that he recognized the value of what Yara does for Brazilian farmers - and for farmers around the globe.

"Yara's goal with this research cooperation is to create technical data about the benefit of nitrates with recognized value in tropical conditions, to shape the fertilizer market with Embrapa through knowledge, and to be recognized as an innovative company for agriculture solutions in Brazil," Lair says. 

"The agreement involves the exchange and generation of knowledge - not just the more common research purchased to order," he explains.

“According to Embrapa there has been no significant and disseminated innovation in fertilizers, conducted by official institutions of research, in the last 40-60 years in Brazil. They trust that Yara has the  technology, products and knowledge to contribute to advances in this important area.”

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