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Yara endorses CEO Water Mandate

Oslo, September 05, 2014
In connection with World Water Week 2014, CEO Jørgen Haslestad announced Yara International's commitment to the UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate.
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Understanding the global water challenge

The Mandate is a global partnership between the United Nations, the private sector, the public sector and civil society stakeholders, designed to advance strategies and solutions that contribute to more sustainable water use and management.

“I am pleased to announce that our company fully endorses the vision and objectives of the CEO Water Mandate,” says Haslestad. “With agriculture accounting for 70 percent of total fresh water extraction, and our business being deeply rooted in agriculture, it is essential for us to better understand the global water challenge, and to help develop solutions to address these challenges. We need more crop per drop, and by proper crop nutrition we can support farmers to make more efficient use of their precious water resources.”

“We already are a UN Global Compact Lead member, so subscribing to the CEO Water Mandate was a coherent next step,” explains Hans Goossens, Yara Downstream New Business Director and Head of Yara's Water Strategy Platform.

Partnering with stakeholders

“The Mandate assists companies in the development, implementation, and disclosure of comprehensive water strategies and policies. Water stress will become an increasing issue for farmers, and there is a growing market for solutions for profitable farming in water scarce conditions," he continues. "Although the Mandate is voluntary and aspirational, it represents a firm commitment to action."

"The Mandate also provides a platform to partner with relevant stakeholders, and to share our knowledge and solutions for more efficient water use in both rainfed and irrigated agriculture - recently acquired ZIM Plant Technology water sensors being one example,” Goossens adds.

Every year, leaders and experts from the global water sector convene for World Water Week in Stockholm. The 2014 edition drew over 2,500 participants and some 200 organizations from 130 countries.


The water gap

Sustainably available freshwater: 4,200 billion m3

Current use: 4,500 billion m3

2030 demand in agriculture alone: 4,500 billion m3

Total demand in 2030: 6,900 billion m3

Water gap in 2030: -40%

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