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Yara Prize 2014: Nominate your candidate

Oslo, February 10, 2014
The nomination process for the Yara Prize 2014 is now open for your submissions.
Yara Prize 2013

In 2014 the Yara Prize will have a special focus on rural youth and the future of farming in Africa. It will pay particular attention to food and nutrition security and the twin challenges of employment and income generation. The prize will also strongly consider those individuals who have contributed towards catalyzing transformational change in support of an African Green Revolution.

The Yara Prize was established in 2005 as a direct response to former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s 2004 call for a green revolution in Africa. Since then, the Yara Prize has been awarded to ten individuals and one organization, representing eight countries in total, for their outstanding efforts in transforming African agriculture and assuring food security. The laureates represent a diverse range of African society engaged in the African Green Revolution: entrepreneurs and scientists, activists and organizers, businessmen and politicians.

The Yara Prize focuses on the following aspects:

  • The Yara Prize shall recognize outstanding contributions to sustainable food production with socio-economic impact in the smallholder sector
  • The Yara Prize shall recognize food and nutrition security and sustainable agricultural initiatives with a transformative power, and serve as inspiration for action to scale up the African green revolution
  • The Yara Prize shall increase awareness of social and environmental conditions in Africa and the prevailing dynamics affecting agriculture and food and nutrition security
  • The Yara Prize shall provide inspirational examples of African leadership

The nomination guidelines are published on Yara’s website and include information on eligibility, nomination criteria and evaluation. The deadline for nominations is 15 April, 2014.

The winner is chosen by the Yara Prize Committee, and the winner receives USD 60,000, a trophy and a diploma. If there is more than one winner, the prize is divided evenly between the laureates.

The Yara Prize 2014 will be awarded in Addis Ababa in September 2014. The exact date and venue are to be decided.

Guidelines for nominating candidates are found on Yara’s website 


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