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Yara cuts climate gas emissions

Oct 07, 2005
The new technology will be installed before the end of 2006. By doing this, the Norwegian chemical industry will reach the target of major cuts in the emissions of climate gases from the process industry in Norway, as agreed between the Federation of Norwegian Process Industries (PIL) and the Norwegian Ministry of Environment in 2003.
The new technology has been developed over many years at Yara's own research center in Porsgrunn in Norway. This enables Yara to upgrade its existing nitric acid plants to meet the standards of the best and most modern plants. Yara has previously, when a new nitric acid plant was built in Porsgrunn in the early 1990s, developed and installed a technology which cut the climate gas emissions by as much as 70%, but this technology is only feasible when building a new plant. Since then Yara has carried out research to find solutions for the older plants. Finally, after several years of full scale testing in our production plants, Yara has finalized the development of a unique high temperature catalyst that can be installed in all types of plants, giving at least as good results as for new plants. Industrial scale catalyst production has now started, and Yara is planning to install the technology at its nitric acid plants worldwide. The technology is also being made commercially available to other companies.
In 2003 the Norwegian Ministry of Environment and PIL, where Yara is a member, made a voluntary agreement for reducing the climate gas emissions from the Norwegian process industry to 13,5 million tons of CO2-equivalents in 2007. This target will be reached by the installation of the new technology. Other industry members of PIL give financial support to Yara's installation program.  
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Yara International ASA is the world's leading supplier of mineral fertilizers with particular strength in nitrogen-based fertilizers. Yara has a local presence in 50 countries worldwide. Yara sells more than 20 million tonnes of mineral fertilizers in more than 120 countries. Yara offers fertilizers meeting the nutrient needs of local crops supported by agronomic advice to make farming more profitable and agriculture more sustainable. Yara has a strong position in industrial markets in Europe as a supplier of nitrogen-based chemicals and is the leading supplier of liquid CO2.
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