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Major European urea producers are launching a new registered name, NoxCareTM, for the high quality urea solution required for SCR system operation on Euro 4 and Euro 5 heavy-duty vehicles (HDV).

Mar 31, 2004
The European truck manufacturing industry has decided to standardize on the SCR technology to meet Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission limits by 2005 and 2008 respectively.
Why changing to NoxCareTM
Because of uncertainty about future use of the name AdBlue, a group of independent urea producers has tried to secure this name for the benefit of industry stakeholders. This process has not proven successful within the time limit and under terms acceptable to the producers concerned. Consequently, the same companies have decided to introduce NoxCareTM as a new trademark to safeguard successful introduction and proper use of the HDV SCR technology.
NoxCareTM will become synonymous with DIN V 70 070 quality standard and secure safe use of HDV SCR technology
The high quality of NoxCareTM urea solution will be guaranteed by application of the industry's best practice operating procedures, eliminating the risk of contamination potentially harmful to the SCR systems on the vehicles.
After more than 10 years of continuous research to improve air quality with respect to NOx and PM emissions all stakeholders are committed to ensure a successful launch of the new SCR technology. In addition to bringing down emission of legislated pollutants, the SCR technology will be beneficial to the end-user through improved fuel economy and reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

The NoxCareTM name will be made available to all industry stakeholders

The NoxCareTM name will be made available to the truck and bus manufacturing industry and their technology supplier on a free of charge basis.

The NoxCareTM name will also be made available to companies distributing this high quality urea solution, following independent certification of their operation procedures to the standards required to safeguard the strict product quality required by the SCR technology.
Information about the product and its availability will be displayed on websites and through various established channels for the distribution of NoxCareTM.
Marianne Øverlie
+ 47 24 15 74 95
+ 47 950 99 925
John Arne Ulvan
+47 24 15 71 30
+47 414 02 196
The press release can be downloaded from the following link:


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