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New Yara Fertilizer Industry Handbook published

May 31, 2005
The Yara Fertilizer Industry Handbook is a tool for analysts, investors, journalists and others who would like to understand the fertilizer industry and in particular the parts most relevant for Yara International. With global sales of approximately USD 70 billion, the fertilizer industry plays a key role in feeding a growing and more food quality-conscious population. The nitrogen part of the industry, which is now estimated to have grown by more than 5% last year, is dealt with in detail as this is the sector most important for Yara.
The Fertilizer Industry Handbook can be downloaded with speaker notes from Yara's website:
The other presentation material from the NFF seminar is found at the following link:
Egil Hogna, Investor Relations
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Cellular (+47) 90 187 865
Arne Cartridge, Media Relations
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Yara International ASA is the world's leading supplier of mineral fertilizers with particular strength in nitrogen-based fertilizers. Yara has a local presence in 50 countries worldwide. Yara sells more than 20 million tonnes of mineral fertilizers in more than 120 countries. Yara offers fertilizers meeting the nutrient needs of local crops supported by agronomic advice to make farming more profitable and agriculture more sustainable. Yara has a strong position in industrial markets in Europe as a supplier of nitrogen-based chemicals and is the leading supplier of liquid CO2.
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