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Knowledge grows – coffee
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Yara provides vital crop nutrition to coffee farmers worldwide to help improve productivity, increase yields and enhance quality in an environmentally friendly way.


Knowledge grows – coffee

Oslo, March 23, 2015

Yara works closely with smallholder coffee farmers. Our agronomists tailor nutritional programs not only to the specific needs of a crop and the prevailing soil conditions but also to the farmers’ economic situation and technical know-how. In other words, we adapt our solutions not only to the crop, but also to the farmer!

Safeguarding the environment is important to Yara. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of crop production. By sharing our agronomical knowledge, we help smallholder coffee farmers to improve their economic situation by increasing their coffee yields in a sustainable way.

“We put the farmer at the center of everything we do”

Chrystel Monthean, Yara Value Chain Director

In 2013, Yara launched the Coffee & Cocoa Innovation Platform, which aims to increase sustainable coffee production by putting the farmers at the center. Coffee farmers need adequate agricultural knowledge to reap the full potential of their farms. Yara’s crop nutrition solutions contribute to better quality coffee, more resistance to disease, a more reliable supply of beans, and a more sustainable way of farming. 

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