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Knowledge grows – potatoes
Yara Potato partnership

Yara helps Balkan farmers reach the full potential of their potato fields by sharing agronomical knowledge and providing crop nutrition solutions that are tailored to local conditions.


Knowledge grows – potatoes

Oslo, March 23, 2015

It isn’t always obvious that modern farming methods trump traditional practices. This is why Yara engaged closely with potato growers in Croatia to show them that our new crop nutrition solutions increase the quantity and improve the quality, of their harvests. 

“We realized that we should increase the knowledge of the farmers to improve the region’s agricultural output.”

Stevan Mesarović, Yara’s area manager in the Balkans

Yara’s agronomists shared their expertise with Croatian farmers to help them reach the full potential of their fields. Access to this knowledge was the key to increasing potato yields in Croatia, where years of war had ruined much of the country’s fertile farmland.  With yields still lagging behind other parts of Europe many years later, Balkan farmers realized they needed a new approach.  Yara is their partner of choice!

Watch this video to see how investing in knowledge and testing different farming and fertilizer application practices allowed Croatian farmers to double their potato production in just one to two years. 

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