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  • Egil Hogna
  • Egil Hogna

    Egil Hogna has been the Head of Downstream since 2009.

    With degrees in industrial management and business administration, Hogna joined Yara (Hydro) in 1999, and has held several key positions in the company, including Chief Financial Officer and Business Unit Manager South Europe/Mediterranean. Prior to joining Hydro, he worked with McKinsey.

  • Main investments Downstream

    Q: What were the main investments in 2013?

    A: The acquisition of OFD Holding Inc., with its collection of companies in Latin America, distribution companies across the continent. With this investment, which we expect to close in 2014, we will greatly increase our footprint in an important growth area and nicely complement our acquisition of Bunge Fertilizantes in Brazil.

  • Innovation downstream

    Q: Which areas of innovation are prioritized?

    A: The water scarcity issue has spurred dedicated innovation efforts, seeking new solutions to help reduce the water footprint of agriculture. With our unique water sensor technology and fertigation offerings we have taken a lead position in the industry, complementing our innovation efforts in precision farming.

  • main impact areas downstream

    Q: What are the main impact areas?

    A: The productivity improvements due to our crop nutrition solutions, which combine high-quality mineral fertilizers and expert crop knowledge, create substantial impact, economically and environmentally. This allows for higher yields on existing farmland, which reduces resource pressure on forests, reduces harmful emissions, and improves food security.

  • main growth areas downstream

    Where are the main growth areas?

    A: In recent as well as coming years, Latin America has been and will be our main geographical area of expansion. Here, we also see great opportunities for our second area of dedicated growth: crop nutrition solutions based on the use of high-quality, high-value, nitrate-based specialty fertilizers, not least for cash crops.

  • strategic focus downstream

    Q: What is the main strategic focus?

    A: Linking our business with key global issues, we see the mutual impact of our crop nutrition solutions: By providing the best crop solutions and promoting climate-smart agriculture, we strengthen our position. By investing in innovation, and improving yields and resource use efficiency, we reinforce our competitive edge, creating value – creating impact.

    Extending global footprint to secure future growth

    Yara’s Downstream segment is responsible for the company’s global distribution, marketing and sales of crop nutrition products and solutions, supporting sustainable agriculture worldwide. In charge of Yara’s innovation processes, Downstream contributes to drive business opportunity and profitable growth.


    Extending global footprint to secure future growth

    Oslo, March 24, 2014

    In 2013 Downstream continued to strengthen Yara’s global presence and market position, including new strides to fulfill the ambition to take the lead in providing for water-scarce agriculture.

    Yara’s Downstream segment offers the fertilizer industry’s most complete portfolio of crop nutrition solutions, catering to most commercially grown crops worldwide. Yara has taken a strong position in top quality fertilizers, adding value for customers and our company alike. Consistently driving innovation and developing new solutions, we continuously share our crop knowledge with growers, helping to improve agricultural productivity and farm profitability. Located in more than 50 countries, and with sales to over 150, Downstream contributes greatly to Yara’s unrivaled global presence and market position. 

    "Latin America has been and will be our main geographical area of expansion."

    Egil Hogna, Head of Downstream

    In 2013 we continued to deliver on Yara’s growth strategy, delivering a record volume of mineral fertilizers, with sales of 23.7 million tons. The strongest growth was for NPK blends, reflecting the integration of Bunge’s fertilizer business in Brazil in our operations.

    Even before the acquisition of Bunge, Brazil was Yara’s largest single market and we now have a strong platform for further growth in this agricultural powerhouse. In 2013 we complemented this acquisition by entering into an agreement to acquire OFD Holding Inc. – further building our position in Latin America. Executing our water innovation platform, we strengthened our position as a market leader in water scarce agriculture through the acquisition of the water sensor company ZIM Plant Technology GmbH – another strategic step into a new and growing segment of the precision farming business.

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