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  • Yara Industrial 2013
  • Yves Bonte

    Yves Bonte has been the Head of Industrial since 2010.

    A civil engineer with a degree in business management, Bonte has previously held several managerial positions in the chemical company LyondellBasell and its predecessors, where he worked for 17 years before joining Yara. Prior to this he worked five years for Exxon Chemical.

  • main investments in 2013

    Q: What were the main investments in 2013?

    A: The commissioning of two dedicated liquid CO2 vessels bolsters our unique CO2 supply concept. Furthermore, we strengthened our position in the marine emissions to air market by taking over ownership of Yarwil’s NOx abatement technology and by acquiring H+H, a NOx abatement company based in Hagensheim, Germany.

  • areas of innovation

    Q: Which areas of innovation are prioritized?

    A: Our emission to air abatement platform is progressing well. We are expanding the technology offering for NOx abatement to different industry segments and the maritime sector, building on the PetroMiljö acquisition in 2011. We are also in the process of developing new application niches for calcium nitrate.

  • main impact areas industrial

    Q: What are the main impact areas?

    A: The NOx abatement solutions are making tangible impacts across the world. Our technology systems and reagents resulted in customers cutting more than one million tons of NOx emissions in 2013, equivalent to annual NOx emissions from France.

  • main growth areas

    Q: Where are the main growth areas?

    A: We aim to continue the steady, organic growth in Europe, and to further utilize our extensive supply network for environmental solutions in North America. Next is Latin America, where we see legislation spurring demand for NOx abatement solutions, along with considerable growth opportunities in mining and industrial applications.

  • main strategic focus - Industrial

    Q: What is the main strategic focus?

    A: We will continue to develop and offer attractive solutions, helping our customers use available resources more efficiently and with lower emissions. We will look at bringing our solutions and impact to more customers through geographical and technological expansions, and to explore step growth initiatives that will complement our existing operations.

    Leader in emissions abatement

    Yara’s Industrial segment develops and offers environmental solutions and essential products for industrial applications. It has a strong base in Europe and is targeting further growth, geographically and technologically, based on its emissions to air innovation platform and Total Solutions Provider approach.


    Leader in emissions abatement

    Oslo, March 24, 2014

    In 2013 Industrial continued to expand its business, taking strategic steps in North America, acquiring technology and investing in innovation and R&D.

    Yara’s Industrial segment offers a range of products and solutions related to emissions abatement, waste water treatment, animal feed, mining operations, process chemicals and CO2. We create value over and above commodity nitrogen-based chemicals by developing solutions and applications for non-agricultural industries. We have a leading position in nitrogen applications, based on a Total Service Provider approach, and leverage Yara’s global distribution network to offer reliable deliveries of safe and cost-efficient solutions worldwide. The growing portfolio of environmental solutions caters to customer needs to meet tougher environmental legislation.

    "Our technology systems and reagents resulted in customers cutting more than one million tons of NOx emissions in 2013."

    Yves Bonte, Head of Industrial

    In 2013 we took new steps to expand our business, particularly in the market for NOx abatement solutions. We significantly strengthened our capacity to meet demand for Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) in North America, and we took over ownership of the NOx abatement technology for commercial vessels from the joint venture Yarwil. In January 2014 we also acquired H+H Umwelt- und Industrietechnik GmbH, adding to our leading position in NOx abatement solutions for maritime and industrial applications. Furthermore, the launch of two new, dedicated liquid CO2 vessels supports our growth ambition in this market.

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