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Maize for prosperity
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Ghana has taken a lead in African economic development, putting agriculture first. Yara has committed to the African Green Revolution – and to the agricultural transformation of Ghana. Engaging in the entire value chain and working in partnership is the key.


Maize for prosperity

Oslo, March 24, 2013

Yara’s long-term commitment to the transformation of African agriculture has found strong resonance in Ghana. Tripled maize yields for thousands of farmers hold great promise for continued growth in Ghana, which maintains agriculture as a first priority.

Ghana Grains Partnership

“Yara gives me knowledge on how to plant and how to apply the fertilizer, how to do it.”

Nindow Maize farmer, Northern Region, Ghana

In 2008 Yara, together with the local inputs provider Wienco, initiated the Ghana Grains Partnership (GGP), a public-private partnership working to improve the efficiency of the maize value chain in Northern Ghana.

The partners helped set up a farmers’ association – the Masara N’Arziki (‘Maize for Prosperity’ in the local Hausa language). Towards the end of 2012 more than 8,000 farmers had joined, seeing maize yield levels triple compared to the average.

The Masara acts on behalf of its members, purchasing inputs and selling the crops, while the GGP provides seeds and fertilizers on affordable credit terms, as well as storage and transport facilities – helping to reduce losses and increase profits.

Ghanaian agriculture consists mainly of smallholder farmers, both in the staple crop sector as well as the economically vital cocoa production. Both the Government policies for agricultural development and the GGP target the crucially important smallholders.

Value chain engagement

The GGP is a model example of engaging throughout the food value chain, addressing major bottlenecks to improve productivity and profitability. Yara is a major provider of mineral fertilizer to Ghana, engaging both in cash crops such as cocoa and in staple crops such as maize.

Building on the experiences gained through the GGP, Yara – through the Grow Africa platform – will explore opportunities for a new partnership in the rice value chain.

Yara operates a fertilizer blending facility and a warehouse with a capacity of two million bags, distributing mineral fertilizer throughout Ghana. An important part of the business model is supplementing the product with knowledge, collaborating with farmers through crop clinics. Here, growers receive advice on how to best improve their yields.

The GGP is a prime example of how agricultural development can be done in an inclusive manner, raising yields and profitability both with and for the smallholders. Yara has committed itself to contributing its knowledge, products and solutions to promote an African Green Revolution.

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