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Yara is uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact within three interconnected areas; resources, food and environment.


Strategic ambition: Creating Impact

Yara has chosen Creating Impact as its strategic ambition and approach, aiming at improving its competitive edge through creating value both for shareholders, stakeholders and society at large.

Creating Impact is a strategic framework for identifying how business solutions and societal interests intersect. It defines three focal areas in which Yara has a unique position, enabling it to develop business strategies beneficial to both the company and society.

"Yara is uniquely positioned with our knowledge, high-quality product portfolio and global presence - to impact productivity and green growth in the agricultural sector"

Jørgen Ole Haslestad, President and CEO

Yara consistently implements a strategy of profitable and sustainable growth; a roadmap for industry shaper performance and long-term value creation. The strategy is based on the company’s unique business model, extensive knowledge base and unrivalled global position.

The scope of Creating Impact is to create value for shareholders, customers, employees and society at large. This translates into sustainable competitive advantages for Yara, enabling it to further strengthen its impact.

Yara leverages its knowledge, global presence and business model at the World Economic Forum, the G20 summits and other high-level forums. Here, Yara utilizes its position to drive initiatives and business partnerships, supported by the Creating Impact framework.

Resources, food and environment

Yara’s potentially substantial impact in society is primarily related to the three focal areas; resources, food, and the environment. In particular, Yara engages to identify business solutions addressing food security and climate change simultaneously.

As a global company, Yara can launch initiatives and invite partnerships, engage in both global dialogues and local value chains. Yara’s crop nutrition solutions help improve agricultural productivity and the company’s industrial solutions minimize harmful emissions. Employing its core business and expertise, Yara creates value – creating impact.

Yara impact areas: Yara is uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact correlated to major global challenges within the three interconnected areas; resources, food and environment.


Challenge: To sustain global growth and increased demands for products dependent on the use of limited natural resources, including critical inputs for food production, especially land and water, as well as key raw materials.

Contribution: Yara offers agronomic solutions enhancing resource use efficiency considerably, improving agricultural productivity and raising yields, including solutions for increased water use efficiency and phosphate uptake.


Challenge: To meet the demand for fiber, fodder and fuel from agriculture, at the same time as producing enough food, with balanced nutritional value. Food security and obesity must be addressed to meet the demands of a growing world population – with increased consumption arising from improved prosperity.

Contribution: Yara offers crop nutrition solutions supporting sustainable agriculture through a value chain approach, lifting food production and enhancing food quality, contributing to food security.


Challenge: To sustain further growth in ways that minimize detrimental impacts on the environment, especially the emission of greenhouse gases which drive global warming, causing climate change, which is already impacting on society.

Contribution: Yara offers crop nutrition solutions tailor-made to increase yields sustainably, which is imperative to reduce land use change and GHG emissions. Providing tools for increased precision improves resource efficiency and reduces nitrogen leakage. Yara is also a leading global provider of industrial solutions minimizing harmful emissions.

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