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  • Yara in brief 2014
  • Global leader 2014

    Global leader

    Yara is the world’s leading provider of crop nutrition solutions.

    We offer a comprehensive portfolio of mineral fertilizers and have a leading position in environmental solutions and industrial nitrogen applications. The industry’s only global player, we have operations in more than 50 countries – and sales to about 150 countries.

  • growth initiatives 2014

    Growth initiatives

    In 2014 we continued to execute our strategy of profitable and sustainable growth.

    We strengthened our already strong foothold in Latin America, decided on major investments into Nordic sites, took full ownership of a plant in France, and solidified plans for a large joint venture ammonia plant in the U.S. We also expanded our emission control technology portfolio through strategic acquisitions.

  • strong results 2014

    Strong results

    We performed well in 2014, driven by increased volumes and margins.

    We delivered strong financial results, fueled by a record high in total sales, lower energy costs and improved margins. Our Brazilian activities contributed higher volumes and margins, and we saw continued growth in our industrial solutions, particularly in sales of our Air1 solution for NOx abatement in vehicles.

  • global workforce 2014

    Global workforce

    At the end of 2014 we employed 12,073 people worldwide.

    Our global workforce grew by more than 2,300 employees in 2014. Integration of newly acquired companies had high priority as we welcomed more than 1,000 employees from OFD Holding Inc. and prepared for the integration of around 1,000 people from Galvani Indústria, Comércio e Serviços S/A.

  • fertilizer sales 2014

    Fertilizer sales

    In 2014 we increased fertilizer sales to a record high 26.3 million tons.

    We increased our overall sales volume of mineral fertilizers by 11%. Sales in Latin America exceeded – for the first time in Yara history – sales in Europe, reflecting our expansion in this fast-growing fertilizer market in recent years.

  • Industrial sales 2014

    Industrial sales

    Our sales of industrial and environmental solutions increased by 5%.

    Sales of Air1, our brand for the AdBlue (DEF) reagent used in NOx abatement in vehicles, grew by 31% thanks in large to increasing demand in Europe and the U.S. We also saw increased sales of nitrogen chemicals to the process industry, while sales of stationary NOx abatement solutions and CO2 went slightly down.

  • Sharing knowledge 2014

    Sharing knowledge

    We added to our knowledge margin.

    We continued to invest in R&D and innovation – in knowledge. It strengthens our competitive edge and ability to serve customers in the markets where we operate. In collaboration with partners and customers we brought the knowledge to fruition in fields and industries across the world throughout 2014.

  • Creating shared value 2014

    Creating shared value

    We create shared value.

    Yara believes that by offering a positive value proposition to our customers over time, we can deliver attractive returns to our shareholders while also creating value for society. The way we create shared value is through delivering and investing in solutions that respond to the global need for food security, resource efficiency and reduced emissions. We continue to grow our business based on these principles, and to strengthen our ability to create value for shareholders, customers and society at large.

    Strong growth in an exciting year

    With our complete product portfolio, tools and solutions, expert knowledge and unrivaled market position, Yara is uniquely positioned to create value for customers, shareholders and society at large.


    Strong growth in an exciting year

    Oslo, March 23, 2015

    Yara grows knowledge to nurture life by delivering solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for a growing world population. Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions; improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations.

    Our operations are based on efficient conversion of energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for agriculture and industry. As the leading global provider of nitrogen fertilizers and industrial applications, we leverage our experience and knowledge to tailor solutions to local needs.

    “At Yara we bring our expert knowledge to the market with the goal of creating shared value.”

    Torgeir Kvidal, President and CEO (acting)

    We deliver quality and reliability globally through an extensive suite of networks. In addition to our strong production and marketing base in Europe, we have increased our activities in North America, Latin America and Australia significantly, while also expanding our footprint in Africa and Asia.

    Founded in 1905 Yara has 24 production facilities in 16 countries, we are the world’s largest supplier of mineral fertilizers. From extraction of minerals to distribution of crop nutrients, we have built a unique operation and extensive value chain, offering customers reliability and quality. Yara employs more than 12,000 people worldwide, and we continuously build and improve a common safety culture. We are a truly global company with operations in more than 50 countries and sales to about 150 countries.

    We are constantly developing our performance culture based on the core values of Ambition, Trust, Accountability and Teamwork – which recognizes and promotes high performance and high ethical standards among leaders and employees, globally and at all levels.

    Key figures 2014
    Revenues: NOK 95.3 billion
    EBITDA: NOK 16.4 billion
    Total Sales: 35.0 million tons
    Fertilizer sales: 26.3 million tons
    Industrial sales: 6.6 million tons (*Including feed phosphates and CO2 as from 2014 reporting.)
    Employees: 12,073 at year-end

    Yara International ASA is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since demerging from Norsk Hydro in 2004.

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