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  • Yara supply and trade 2013
  • Yara supply and trade 2013

    Alvin Rosvoll has been the Head of Supply & Trade since 2012.

    With a Master’s degree in chemistry, Rosvoll joined Yara (Hydro) in 1981 and has held a number of commercial and management positions in the company, including Business Unit Manager North and East Europe.

  • main achievements

    Q: What were the main achievements in 2013?

    A: We have a major responsibility for realizing the synergy potential from Yara’s acquisition of Bunge’s fertilizer operations in Brazil, and we delivered according to plan, completing the process in 2014.

  • main deliveries

    Q: What are the main deliveries in 2014?

    A: We will continue capitalizing on Yara’s scale by securing deliveries of key raw materials at competitive terms. In addition we will implement an improved supply chain process in order to further strengthen Yara’s competitive edge.

  • main impact areas

    Q: What are the main impact areas?

    A: We support and serve Yara’s operating segments, helping them to create value. Our impact is on the company, strengthening its competitive edge, enabling value creation as a platform for creating impact.

  • main ongoing projects

    Q: What are the main ongoing projects?

    A: We are working on delivering Yara’s new supply chain solution, which is a major element in strengthening our competitive edge as the industry’s most cost-efficient operator.

  • main strategic focus

    Q: What is the main strategic focus?

    A: Our main focus remains on improving structures and systems for sourcing and supply; to ensure secure deliveries of energy and raw materials at competitive costs. In 2014 the completion of our Supply Chain Project is a major strategic priority.

    Improving costs through supply chain management

    Yara’s global function Supply & Trade is responsible for the sourcing of key raw materials and traded products, realizing Yara’s scale advantages, reinforcing its flexibility. S&T is also responsible for Yara’s maritime logistics and mining operations.


    Improving costs through supply chain management

    Oslo, March 24, 2014

    In 2013 Supply & Trade continued to improve Yara’s global third-party sourcing and gain margins from energy and raw material purchases, and to optimize the company’ maritime logistics.

    Yara’s Supply & Trade function plays a key role in serving the operating segments with vital input factors, in particular energy and raw materials. S&T trades in ammonia, and is in charge of Yara’s mining operation. We create global competitive edge for Yara, chiefly by securing cost-competitive raw materials and balanced third party sourcing.

    “We support and serve Yara’s operating segments, helping them to create value.”

    Alvin Rosvoll, Head of Supply & Trade

    In 2013 we continued optimizing Yara’s maritime logistics, improving the utilization of freight capacities, increasing capacity and flexibility. Early in the year we launched two liquid CO2 tanker vessels, Yara Embla and Yara Froya. We also entered into contracts for the construction and delivery of two 20,600 CBM semi-refrigerated LPG carriers, followed by an additional order of a third carrier of the same size in early 2014. In 2013 considerable synergies were gained from the ongoing integration of Bunge’s fertilizer business in Brazil, following the acquisition in 2012.

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