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  • Emissions to air story
  • fighting emissions

    Fighting emissions

    We offer a comprehensive air cleansing solution.

    Emissions to air – we call it E2A – is our platform for developing and offering solutions to reduce emissions from transport on land and at sea, as well as from industrial plants. We are the only company supplying a comprehensive cleansing solution: cleansing technology, chemical reagents, and aftermarket services.

  • Protecting life

    Protecting life

    Fighting NOx and SOx emissions safeguards life and the environment.

    NOx and SOx make you sick. They increase the risk of asthma and cause a variety of health issues from irritation of eyes and nose to lung cancer.  They also cause acid rain, which is harmful to the environment and biodiversity. Emissions of NOx and SOx represent a global problem with local – and too often fatal – impacts.

  • driving cleaner

    Driving cleaner

    We are the leading provider of NOx abatement reagents for vehicles.

    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the most widely used technology for cleansing NOx emissions from vehicles. We pioneered the reagent used in SCR systems, AdBlue (DEF), which we offer under our Air1 brand. We produce Air1 from the purest urea and guarantee top quality to ensure flawless performance on the road.  

  • Cutting NOx at sea

    Cutting NOx at sea

    Our NOx cleansing solutions reduce emissions by up to 99%.

    Ships are heavy emitters. We are the market leader in marine NOx reduction technology with a unique emission abatement solution and experience from more than 1200 reference projects. Our solutions will reduce NOx emissions from a vessel by up to 99%.

  • Solutions to SOx

    Solution to SOx

    We offer an easy solution to fight SOx emissions at sea.

    Our E2A platform was expanded in 2014 by the acquisition of Yara Marine Technologies, which offers an efficient scrubber able to reduce SOx emissions by 99%. Compact and custom-made to the marine segment, the scrubber can be easily retrofitted into any seagoing vessel to clean exhaust gases. It is the scrubber that can help you meet all SOx reductions targets in the safest and most economical way.

  • tighter regulation

    Tighter regulation

    Concerns over pollution from seagoing vessels are driving stricter legislation.

    From 2015, ships operating in certain coastal regions – called Emission Control Areas – must meet new SOx ceiling levels by switching to more expensive low-sulphur fuel or installing a cleaning system like our scrubber. With our E2A offering, we are prepared to help ship owners meet future regulations on both SOx and NOx emissions.

  • Industrial emissions

    Industrial emissions

    Emission regulations are also tightening for industrial plants.

    We offer complete solutions for NOx emission control in industrial plants, helping owners meet more stringent emission legislation while upholding productivity. Our offering includes everything from telemetry, performance testing, safety training and after sales activities such as maintenance and spare parts.

  • NOx abated

    Significant impact

    In 2014, we helped our customers cleanse a total of 1.1 million tons of NOx emissions.

    The NOx emissions cleansed through use of our technologies equaled the size of total emissions from France. It is a sizeable contribution to the fight against air pollution, and we will increase it: Our target for 2015 is to increase reductions to 1.3 million tons of NOx emissions.

  • Green prospects

    Green prospects

    We aim to expand our E2A platform to other pollutants.

    NOx and SOx are important to battle, but they are not the only air pollutants causing harm to people and the planet. The ambition for our E2A platform is to make Yara a total solution provider for a wider range of harmful emissions.

    Yara fights emissions to air

    Yara’s emissions abatement technologies reduce harmful exhaust gases by up to 99 percent, thereby helping to safeguard life and the environment.


    Yara fights emissions to air

    Oslo, March 23, 2015

    Clean air is essential to life. We cannot survive without it. This is why combating air pollution on land and at sea has become a major global challenge – and a business opportunity.

    The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions. Authorities around the world are addressing air pollution by introducing stricter emission limits. Yara’s abatement technologies reduce these harmful exhaust gases by up to 99 percent, thereby helping safeguard life and the environment.

    “Each of the 3 acquisitions was a very logical step on our technology ladder, firmly establishing Yara as a total solution provider for reducing exhaust gas emissions.”

    Yves Bonte, Head of Industrial at Yara

    Emissions to air – We call it E2A – is our platform for developing and offering solutions to reduce emissions from transport on land and sea, as well as for industrial plants. E2A has grown through innovation projects and acquisitions. It catalyzes synergies from the fertilizer business by merging our expertise in nitrogen applications and technology development with our global production and distribution network. 


    Through a number of acquisitions in 2014, Yara strengthened its global leadership position, providing comprehensive solutions to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles, ships and industrial plants.  Yara offers a complete package – from reagent (urea and ammonia) to abatement technology (Selective catalyst and non-catalyst reduction technologies for NOx abatement and SOx scrubbers) and after-market services (maintenance, training and knowhow).

    In 2014, Yara’s exhaust gas cleansing solutions helped customers reduce more than one million tons of NOx emissions, which is equivalent to the total NOx emissions of France.

    2014 Highlights:

    • Acquisition of H+H Umwelt- und Industrietechnik GmbH, a leader in marine air pollution reduction technology
    • Acquisition of the flue gas cleaning division of Strabag SE
    • Acquisition of a majority stake in Green Tech Marine, a leader in scrubber technology for ships


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