Coffee beans
  • Yara photo competition 2015
  • Yara photo competition in the field

    From the field

    Info: 22 entrants sent in 221 photos.

    Winner: Congratulations to Nguyen Tien Nam for his winning photo of a coffee farmer.

    “I am very happy to have received this wonderful notification. I hope, I will take more beautiful photographs to use for Yara.” -Nguyen Tien Nam

  • Yara photo competition my company

    Yara – My company

    Info: 36 entrants sent in 240 photos.

    Winner: Congratulations to Aivar Kunnapuu for his winning photo of a safety exercise in Brazil!

    "The Chinese say - one photo is worth 1001 hieroglyphs. The Yara photo competition was a brilliant opportunity for me to introduce Yara Small Site operations. How many of you knew that one fourth of all your colleagues work in 'small sites'? Now you know!” -Aivar Kunnapuu

  • Yara photo competition the professionals

    The "professionals"

    Info: 10 finalists sent in 554 photos

    Winner: Congratulations to Catur Dian Mirzada for his winning photo of a man working on a palm oil plantation.

    "When I am in the field with my camera, I am not thinking about the competition, I am thinking about how can I use 'this photo' in my promotional material. Thank you Yara for running this competition, I enjoy it very much." -Catur Dian Mirzada

    Yara photo competition

    This year’s Yara Photo competition, which is open to all Yara employees, again revealed hidden photography talents. Congratulations to the three winners!


    Yara's photo competition

    Oslo, April 14, 2015

    “A picture says more than a thousand words” – this famous expression certainly holds true for the winners of this year’s Yara Photo competition, which is open to all Yara employees! With more than 1,000 photos to choose from, there could only be three winners.

    Congratulations to Nguyen Tien Nam (Vietnam), Aivar Kunnapuu (Finland), Catur Dian Mirzada (Indonesia)! In the photo carousel above you can admire the three winning photos of the following categories:

    "The photo competition is an important event for Yara as it provides us with really nice photos and reveals the company’s hidden photographic talents.”

    Barry Bull, Agronomic Competence and Training Director

    1) From the field

    2) Yara – My company

    3) “The professionals” – this category was only open to previous years’ winners.

    Thank you to all participants!

    Enjoy the photos!

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