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Yara has gradually expanded its presence in Brazil. Continually extending its services, Yara delivers crop nutrition solutions tailored to most commercially grown crops, supplying an expansive Brazilian farming sector.


Extensive value chain: Yara's operation

Oslo, March 24, 2014

Yara runs a wide-ranging operation in Brazil, from the importation, production, blending and distribution of mineral fertilizers to sharing knowledge and researching improved solutions. Yara teams up with partners – supporting Brazilian agricultural development.

Yara serves Brazilian agriculture with a variety of crop solutions and technological tools, aimed at improving agricultural productivity and farm profitability. Building on its extensive crop and market knowledge, Yara offers solutions tailored to local soil conditions and plant needs, catering for most commercially grown crops, including all the major commodities grown in Brazil, such as coffee and oranges, soybeans and maize, cotton and sugarcane. 

“Yara is the largest provider of fertilizers for Brazilian agriculture.”

Lair Hanzen President, Yara Brazil

According to Lair Hanzen, who is at the helm of Yara’s vast operation in Brazil, the company delivers more than eight million tons of fertilizers every year, to more than 40,000 growers across the country, growing a variety of crops. “We operate from the production plant to the farm gate,” Hanzen says. 

Fertilizer production 

Yara’s Brazilian operation is run from Rio Grande in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the southern part of the country. Here, the company’s fertilizer facility produces an annual output of about 800,000 tons. The plant is adjacent to Yara’s port terminal, receiving fertilizers from Europe, to be blended and bagged – tailored to the customers’ needs – at the industrial complex in Rio Grande.Yara produces, blends and distributes more than 1.5 million tons of fertilizers – nationwide – from its premises in Rio Grande. 

In addition to this: “In 2013, we started the construction of Brazil’s most modern fertilizer blending unit in Sumaré, São Paulo – adding capacity to our 28 existing units,” Lair Hanzen explains.

Fertilizer distribution

Bringing the fertilizer to the farm gate is quite another story, involving the agro-industrial cooperative COAMO - Yara’s biggest customer in Brazil – and one of the largest retailers in Latin America. Serving more than 26,000 members supported by about 250 agronomists, COAMO is a vital partner in the distribution of fertilizers and dissemination of knowledge.

Claudio Rizzato is the vice president of COAMO, headquartered in Campo Mourao in the state of Paraná. “Yara joined this chain for the quality of its products, and the innovation of its fertilizers,” he explains. Being recommended by the cooperative is a stamp of approval, and its huge logistics system – bringing farm inputs to the growers and collecting their crops – is of vital importance in reaching Yara’s end-users. Through regional distribution points, employing a vast fleet of trucks, the Cooperativo Agroindustrial connects with the individual farmer.

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