Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Yara Animal Nutrition offers high-quality feed phosphates, feed grade urea and feed acidifiers.
Yara's animal nutrition

The amount of meat produced worldwide quadrupled in the 50 years before 2011. In per capita terms it almost doubled in the same period. Yara animal nutrition provides solutions that support the healthy and efficient development of poultry, pigs, cattle, horse, aqua culture and petfood. Our growing product portfolio consists of three broad categories:

  • Bolifor® feed minerals
  • Rumisan® feed grade urea
  • Bolifor® feed acidifiers

Yara is a global manufacturer of highly digestible and traceable and reliable feed materials and feed additives. Yara is a fully integrated manufacturer leveraging a world class global logistics network to deliver reliable animal feed products to customers in over 70 countries worldwide, with a major presence in Europe and expanding markets in Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Our production sites are located in Helsingborg (Sweden), Kokkola (Finland), Durban (South Africa), Le Havre (France), and  Brunsbüttel (Germany). You can read more about Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa, a subsidiary of Yara, on their dedicated website.

Our production is certified according HACCP, ISO14001, Good Manufacturing Practice - GMP+, FAMI-QS (Feed urea) and we are presently working on our certificate for GMP.B4.2.

Animal feed minerals - From mine to market

Yara employee at Siilinjärvi mine

The story of Yara feed minerals, and especially inorganic feed phosphates, starts in the soil with a phosphorous-rich ore: the apatite. Yara’s apatite is mined from a volcanic deposit in Siilinjärvi, Finland, and converted on site by Yara into phosphoric acid.

The phosphoric acid is the core raw material in the manufacture of phosphorus contained in inorganic feed minerals. Yara’s control of the entire industrial process,  together with the quality of this exclusive deposit allow us to manufacture and deliver high-purity products that are naturally low in undesirable substances.

Our branded feed minerals are designed to reach criteria of superior quality, excellent nutritional value, high digestibility and traceability. In a world of generic commodities, the Bolifor® brand is your source for quality products.

Our feed phosphates contain highly bioavailable macro minerals and offer the state-of-the-art in safety and quality guarantees for the feed chain and the welfare/performance of animals. The use of inorganic feed minerals is widespread in the feed strategies for monogastric animals such as pigs (including sows and piglets), poultry (broilers, layers), horses, aquaculture and pet food.

Animal feed acidifiers – The alternative to antibiotics

Yara - Animal feed acidifiers

Today, feed acidifiers are one of the preferred alternatives to antibiotics in animal feeds. They help promote healthy growth in animals by controlling harmful bacteria and improving digestion.

Yara feed acidifiers, branded under the Bolifor® trade name offer a unique formula of organic acids precisely absorbed onto a special carrier made of diatomaceous earth, itself coated by sorbic acid. This allows specific uses, cost performance and return on investment.

Feed grade urea – Promoting cost-effective cattle growth

Yara Animal nutrition - Feed grade urea

Yara is the world’s leading mineral fertilizer company and a major producer of urea.

We leverage our scale and expertise to specifically produce  completely traceable and pure feed grade urea in dedicated plants in Le Havre, France and  Brunsbüttel, Germany. Yara Le Havre and Yara Brunsbüttel have implemented and maintain a Feed Safety Management System including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with the FAMI-QS Code of Practice for Feed Additives operators for the marketing, production, warehousing, and packaging of Feed Additives.

Rumisan is Yara’s brand of feed grade urea. Rumisan feed grade urea is a solid white prill with an even round shape. Feed grade urea is a classified as a feed additive and in the EU is approved by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe for animal and human consumption. It has been fed to dairy and beef cattle with successful results for over 70 years and is the most commonly used source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN).

European Chemical Industry Council, Sector Group Inorganic Feed Phosphates

Yara Animal Nutrition is an active member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Sector Group Inorganic Feed Phosphates. CEFIC represents European feed producers supporting a system guaranteeing the chemical and physical composition and the pureness of the feed products. For more information, see

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