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Animal Feed Product Information

Yara Animal Nutrition offers a growing portfolio of animal feed materials and animal feed additives to customers worldwide.
Animal Feed Product information

Bolifor® feed minerals

Macro-minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium,  and sodium are essential elements sustain healthy and productive animal growth. They are parts of many biological pathways such as bone and muscle formation or the energy cycle. Inorganic feed phosphates and magnesium supplements, supplying those macro-minerals, are essential ingredients in feed diets in order to meet the requirements of animals.

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality minerals suitable for all feed production. Our products provide high digestible macro minerals with guaranty of purity. The Bolifor® product range of feed minerals complies with the modern, high-yielding production and remains the preferred choice.

Our product range:

Bolifor® MCP-F
Bolifor® MCP-N
Bolifor® MSP
Bolifor® AQUA
Bolifor® Mag33
Bolifor® MGP+
Bolifor® MGP

Bolifor® Feed acidifiers

Our team of chemists and nutritionists has designed the unique formula of organic and inorganic acids precisely absorbed onto a special carrier made of Diatomaceous Earth. This original product gathers all advantages of pure liquid acids into a solid and convenient form. Feed acidifiers are becoming increasingly prevalent in poultry production and pig farming.

Bolifor® Feed acidifiers are specifically designed to offer the best cost effectiveness in feed. Their formulation optimizes each component and, up to the carrier, all bring advantage to the final product. Acids are paired and chosen for the best synergistic effects and the carrier has been chosen for its ability to release the active acids and its ability to bind toxins.

Practically, Bolifor® Feed acidifiers lowers pH and buffers the capacity of feed and contribute to the bacterial safety of feeds thanks to their high anti-salmonella properties.

Our product range:

Bolifor® FA 2300S
Bolifor® FA 2800S
Bolifor® PROBICID™ FA 3000S

Rumisan Feed grade urea

Rumisan feed grade urea is a solid white prill with an even round shape. The final product is 99% feed grade urea with a nitrogen content of 46%. Rumisan feed grade urea is equivalent to 288% crude protein for ruminants. Feed grade urea is a classified as a feed additive in the EU.

Completely traceable, feed grade urea is a safe, sustainable and cost-effective alternative in you ruminant feed strategy. Rumisan production, storage, handling and distribution is FAMI-QS and GMP compliant.

With Rumisan feed grade urea, you can reduce the inclusion of costly – often genetically-modified- vegetable protein in feed while sustaining rumen parameters, milk yield, milk fat content, fertility, ADG and body condition. Rumisan feed grade urea benefits animal development across a range of feed applications including: feed concentrates, protein concentrate, premixes, semiliquid feed,  liquid protein supplements, blocks, roughages, green roughages and directly in farm use.

Our product range:

Rumisan® Stabilized

Safety Data Sheet

If you require SDS-information regarding our BOLIFOR® Feed Acidifiers send us an e-mail  now!

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