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Which Reagent is best for me?

As the world leader in nitrogen chemistry, Yara is uniquely positioned to provide a reliable supply of NOx reduction reagents such as anhydrous ammonia, ammonia solution and urea solution. Yara can deliver the reagent of your choice from our extensive network of plants offering continuous sourcing back-up. Our product knowledge in urea and ammonia helps Yara bring the reagent into your processes in a safe and reliable manner.

Why Anhydrous ammonia could be for you:

Anhydrous ammonia is the total NOx reduction reagent and has advantages over ammonia solution and urea when lower NOx emissions are required.

With proper storage, correct handling and competence regarding ammonia properties, this reagent can be safely used to turn NOx into harmless nitrogen and water in your SCR system.

Why Ammonia Solution could be for you:

It is more efficient than urea and safer than anhydrous ammonia, offering a good compromise. The risks associated with the transport, storage and use of ammonia solution is significantly reduced compared to anhydrous ammonia as the ammonia is dissolved in water. This reduces the vapor pressure of the solution, which usually allows it to be stored at atmospheric conditions. Compared to aqueous urea solutions, ammonia solutions are more effective in terms of transportation and storage as 125% NOxCare ammonia solution contains 9,5% more nitrogen than 40% NOxCare Urea Solution Ammonia has advantages over urea when lower NOx emissions are required.

Why Urea could be for you:

You may wish to choose urea for safety reasons. It poses less risks in the workplace and doesn’t require specific training, unlike ammonia. Urea is non hazardous. It is stable, non volatile, non explosive and non flammable. It can be safely transported, stored and handled without the need for specific training, however, it is the least efficient of the 3 reagents offered.

NOx control inventory management and telemetry services

With our Yara telemetry solution, we can help you manage, and in some cases, optimize your SNCR and SCR reagent logistics. Our telemetry solution is a web-based remote monitoring system which:

  • Increases security of supply of your NOx reduction reagent
  • Simplifies reagent ordering and stock management
  • Increases data management control
  • Increase your security of supply

Our telemetry system handles your reagent stock levels, triggering a delivery when your predefined level is met. All telemetry orders are automatically delivered, securing your supply, direct to you where you need it. This flexibility allows for your resources to fully focus on your other business needs. However, they can still be involved in the telemetry process, if required, so that you remain in control at all times.

Simplifies reagent ordering and stock management

Our telemetry solution provides you with an effective supply planning tool, which enables your reagent to be supplied on automatic request. This gives you an improved intervention capability via a fully transparent system, which also provides you with a complete overview of your stock levels and trends at all times.

Increases data management control

We can provide you with the installation of everything from tank level monitoring, to data collection and transfer, to a user friendly web-based monitoring system, which can be accessed from your process computers, office computers or smart-phones and tablets.

The system is flexible, and can also be used to collect and monitor other measurement data, such as temperature, pressure or chemical sensors.

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