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Hybrid SNCR/SCR Systems for NOx reduction

In recent years, new NOx control hybrid systems, using a combination of SNCR and SCR technology, have been developed. These hybrid systems reduce the level of NOx (nitrogen oxides) in fossil fuel combustion flue gas with a SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction) treatment stage followed by a SCR (selective catalytic reduction) treatment stage.

The hybrid technology can be a cost effective compromise with the SNCR and SCR system reducing NOx, balancing capital and operating costs. In applications where a high NOx removal is required, space is limited and low CAPEX is required, a hybrid solution can be the optimal choice as the catalyst volumes can be reduced compared with a full SCR system.

Yara Environmental Technologies (previously known as Petro Miljö) is a world leader in SNCR systems, with over 200 installations around the world. We have installed hybrid systems at client sites around the world, and can design a tailor-made hybrid system for you.

Preventive maintenance services

Our hybrid systems are built to operate and perform in tough industry environments. Our robust systems operate as specified and with minimal interruption.

However, to optimise uptime, and prevent normal wear and tear of components disrupting processes through unexpected shutdowns, we offer our hybrid customers a Maintenance Service package.

Read more on our Hybrid Pre-emptive Maintenance Service package.

Read more on Yara's leading SNCR and SCR systems.

Should you have any questions about hybrid SCR/SNCR systems, please ask our SCR/SNCR NOx control expert.

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