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Fact #2: Nitrate Leaching

Wherever there are fertile soils, there is also some leaching. Leaching is not a new problem. While nitrate leaching from agriculture cannot be completely avoided, it can be controlled. Check out the video Nitrate Leaching part 1: Seasonal aspects of leaching to understand how it works.

Click on the link to the right to watch the video Nitrate Leaching part 2: Soil aspects of leaching.

Reducing Nitrogen Losses

Fertility is a matter of nitrogen, whether it comes from natural or artificial sources. But the nitrogen cycle is leaky by nature, and some nitrogen is always lost.

Losses, however, are both expensive for the farmer and harmful for the environment. Farmers therefore strive to reduce such leakage. European agriculture in general is highly efficient. What can be done to further reduce nitrogen losses and especially leaching? Which processes contribute to leaching and how can they be managed?

The Nitrate Leaching brochure details the causes of nitrate leaching and practical ways of reducing it by limiting nitrogen losses.

Download the Nitrate Leaching brochure here:  Fact #2: Nitrate Leaching (PDF, 1,13MB)

Nitrate Leaching Part 2: Soil aspects of leaching

Click on this link to watch the video Nitrate Leaching Part 2: Soil aspects of leaching.

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