Yara Fertilizers

Fact #3: Precision Farming

Producing more food with ever less environmental impact will be one of the challenges for tomorrow’s agriculture. Over the last few years, a great deal of work has gone into understanding and tackling environmental issues, and European farmers are at the forefront of sustainable agriculture. Can nitrogen use efficiency be further enhanced? How to meet European policy objectives on emission control? Are there ways to reduce fertilizer input while increasing profit?

When less is more

Nitrogen fertilizers are a vital ingredient for modern agriculture and world food supply. But excess amounts of fertilizers have a negative impact on the environment.

Minimizing input whilst maximizing output is a winning strategy from both an economic and ecological perspective.

Yara precision farming tools allow farmers to adjust fertilization to the exact needs of plants at every spot on the field.

Download the brochure here to learn more about Yara precision farming tools: Fact #3: Precision Farming (PDF, 2,14 MB)

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