Yara Fertilizers

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sensors do I need?

The Basic Set is aimed at monitoring a uniform irrigation plot up to 15 ha. If you want to monitor more plots you have to order an Extension Set. Plots of bigger size may need extra equipment. Please contact us for more details. The Basic Set includes:

  • 10 Yara Water-Sensors
  • 5 Transmitters
  • 1 Temperature-Sensor
  • 1 Humidity-Sensor
  • 1 Soil Moisture-Sensor
  • 1 Base Station

The Yara Water-Sensors and the microclimate sensors are connected by cable to the Transmitter. The data are sent wirelessly to the Base Station which is linked to an Internet server via a mobile phone network. For more details please see the User Manual and Installation Guide.

What are the requirements for using the Yara Water Solution?

To ensure the proper function of the Yara Water Solution, the following requirements need to be met:

  • uniform irrigation plot with healthy, representative trees;
  • good mobile phone network coverage;
  • reliable power supply for the Base Station (mains voltage, two car batteries or a solar solution);
  • Internet access to log in to MyYara.

Is the Yara Water-Sensor harmful to the plant or leaf?

The Yara Water-Sensor is non-invasive and safe for the plants. Depending on the plant species only a slight degradation of chlorophyll is observed which will not affect turgor or water potential of the leaves. Cell damage and/or necrosis are not observed in many species even after 2 to 3 months of leaf patch clamping.

Can I purchase only the Yara Water-Sensors (without the Transmitters and the Base Station) and integrate them with my other measuring equipment?

Unfortunately this option is not possible. The Yara Water-Sensor, microclimate sensors, the Transmitter and the Base Station are fine-tuned and only the use of these components guarantees the correct function of the Yara Water-Sensor.

Is Yara Water Solution the same as ZIM Plant Technology?

Following Yara’s acquisition of ZIM Plant Technology in 2013, to fully integrate Yara ZIM Plant Technology into Yara and simplify the names of devices, the technology has now been rebranded as “Yara Water Solution”. The ZIM-Probe is now known as the Yara Water-Sensor.

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