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Within the Nutriox® portfolio of H2S abatement solutions, Yara offers Econox,® a fast and efficient curative solution for mercaptans, amines and ketones concentration in all types of sewers and sludge de-watering.

Econox® is a permanganate solution. Its active substances are already used successfully in environmental applications such as potable water processing, groundwater and soil. Econox® has been developed by Carus Corporation, the world’s leader in permanganate technology. Yara is the exclusive distributor for Econox® in Europe.

Thanks to its high oxidation strength, Econox® works immediately and directly at the dosage site. An extremely short response time makes possible a precise and need-oriented control for the dosage, which guarantees a cost-efficient solution. Customers can decide on the tolerable maximal sulfide concentration for their sites.

Residuals from the use of Econox® are totally harmless and water-soluble substances.

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