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Waste Water Treatment Plants

H2S in a wastewater treatment plant

If you experience odor complaints from the community around your site because of H2S release, you must implement a solution to remove H2S, but also to prevent it forming again, whether the problem is in your sewage or in the sewage systems.

Yara’s Nutriox® offers a preventive solution against H2S and the odor pollution that comes with it. This solutions includes a full set of services:
• On-site diagnosis to identify the source of hydrogen sulphide
• Preventive treatment
• Dose monitoring

Dynamic Nutriox® dosing allows sites with H2S problems to eliminate odor, and prevent the exposure of WWTP employees to this toxic gas. Specially developed dosing equipment responds to the specific flows and other characteristics of the network to achieve the optimum usage rate.
Unlike some other treatment methods, controlled dosing of Nutriox®  has no negative impact on the Waste water treatment process and Nutriox® can also fight against the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulphide.

Yara has developed Nutriox®, a process that prevents septicity caused by lack of oxygen in the pipes of the sewer network and of the WWTP. Nutriox®  is a mixture of nitrates specially developed by Yara, with proven results in hundreds of sewer systems to fight against the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulphide. Communities throughout the world, such as York, Paris, Cologne and Montreal, use Nutriox®  against H2S.

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