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Solar Power Molten Salt

Concentrating Solar Power, Solar energy, Solar Power Molten Salt

Molten salts used in Solar Power technology help to reduce costs by concentrating solar power (CSP) more effectively

A new generation solar power molten salt based on a new blend of nitrates specifically for use only in solar thermal power plants (also known as "concentrated solar power", "concentrating solar power" or CSP) has been developed by Yara. CSP plants use in parabolic trough systems, solar tower systems and Fresnel linear technology. This new molten salt brings an additional but essential component to the salt mixture needed to operate a plant with heat storage systems or heat transfer fluid (HTF). Using this new molten salts solution will bring significant cost reduction in raw material and energy savings to a solar thermal plant.

If you want more information, please contact Emilio Iglesias, Yara Iberia,
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