Products & Services

Logistics and Distribution

Yara uses a wide variety of transportation modes to get its products to markets, by both land and sea.
Yara transportation of products

Most of Yara’s industrial gases are supplied to customers in cylinders or tanks. Large volumes of gas can be delivered by tankers directly to the customer.


Fertilizer precursors and products have numerous technical end uses. When products like ammonia, urea, nitric acid and various nitrates have non-agricultural end use, they are called N-chemicals. Some N-chemicals are produced in separate plants because of requirements for special quality, while others are taken from normal fertilizer production. Often quality is tailor-made to customers specifications. All major European chemical producers are served by our N-chemicals. Products like ammonia, urea and nitric acid are key starting materials for all segments of the chemical industry.

Technical nitrates

Technical nitrates for civil explosives are available in large bags or standard bags depending on grade and customer preference. They are transported by sea, rail and road. The flexibility in product range and the availability of different production plants allow us to adapt our technical and logistical solution to the customer's requirements.

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