Products & Services

Mining and Construction

Yara also offers the opportunity to supply ready-made explosives (ANFO as well as emulsion explosives). In specific markets, we have the experience of offering down-the-hole service.
Civil explosives

Yara can offer the mining and construction industry specific ANFO (porous ammonium nitrate + fuel oil) expertise. ANFO is the most widely used and economical civil explosive currently on the market.

Our way of blasting is optimal fragmentation that is easy to handle and offers a high degree of safety with outstanding performance and low cost per energy unit. By adding ANFO to emulsion, the blasting performance increases and the sensitivity of the emulsion improves.

Yara’s clients can also choose calcium nitrate, a secondary nitrate in emulsion explosives. Calcium nitrate improves the quality parameters of the emulsion by extending the shelf life of the emulsion, when it is correctly supplemented with ammonium nitrate.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets have been prepared in accordance with European regulations. When used for countries outside Europe, other requirements regarding content and layout may apply.

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