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Chemical Industry

We all rely heavily on chemical products in daily life. Detergents like soap and shampoos, pharmaceutical products, plant protection chemicals, packaging materials as well as colorants and dyes have all been produced from simple building blocks, and N-chemicals make up an important group of such raw materials.

For the chemical industry, this includes

Acrylonitrile, an intermediate for the production of important polymers. Acrylonitrile is manufactured by ammoxidation (ammonia + oxygen) of propylene. Acrylic fibers, automobile parts, bottles and pipes are made with it. In addition, it is used in the production of the thermoplastic ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene-Styrene) found in telephones and bottles.

Nylon-66 and caprolactame, a key intermediate in nylon-6 production, both based on ammonia. Nitric acid also comes into the production of nylon-66. Nylon-66 is used in the production of textile fibres, fuel tanks, wire insulation, brushes, tires, artificial turf, valves, tubings and car components.

Polyurethanes: Based on nitric acid, they are found in fibers, insulation, furniture/mattresses/car seats, coating for paint, rubber, pipes and shoes.

Nitrocellulose: Based on concentrated nitric acid, it is used in the production of civil explosives, lacquers, automotive paints, nail polish, celluloid and printing ink.

Methyl methacrylate used in the production of plastics, PVC, paint coating, LCD computers and screens.

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