Yara and sustainability

Smarter Farming: Sustainable Intensification

Business as usual is not an option to cope with food security, global warming and resource scarcity – especially that of fresh water availability. Agriculture must become more resource- and climate-smart.

The agricultural sector has a huge potential for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. The first target of the agricultural sector should be to reduce GHG emissions related to land use change for agriculture.

Supporting the FAO’s goal of sustainably increasing agricultural productivity, Yara fully supports and implements the concept of sustainable intensification. This is defined as helping growers produce more crops on the same land with less environmental impact.

Balancing increased productivity and environmental impacts is essential. Yara promotes best farming practices such as balanced fertilization and precision farming.

As climate change is predicted to affect global farming systems, adaptation is a prerequisite for future food security. Yara’s main focus in adaptation and building of resilience is improving water use efficiency in crop production. We endorse application of conservation agriculture measures such as proper crop residue management.

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