Yara and sustainability

Yara’s Health, Environment, Safety and Quality Policy

Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our mission is responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. Through this policy, we commit to excellence in our HESQ performance, which is also critical to the success of our business. Quality shall guide all Yara’s processes and operations. We commit to being a responsible member of society and to reach standards of excellence throughout our operations.

Where public regulations do not provide adequate controls, we will work with governments, policy makers, society and businesses to shape regulations and practices that work to this commitment.

Alongside Yara’s commitment to the UN Global Compact, our company values and the Code of Conduct, this policy is part of a consistent framework defining how Yara will responsibly govern its growth and operations.

  • Health and safety: We believe that all accidents are preventable. Our goal is zero injuries. We will provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Safety is always a top priority.

  • Environment: We will promote sustainable agriculture and deliver environmental solutions contributing to global growth while addressing food security, resource efficiency and environmental protection. We will emphasize energy efficient operations and reduce the emissions and environmental impact of our processes and products.

  • Security: We will protect our organization, employees and assets from intended harm.

  • Product stewardship: We will have a systematic approach to monitoring and reviewing the quality and handling of all our products, ensuring that proper care is taken along the entire value chain. We will take measures to mitigate the risks associated with product misuse.

  • Quality: We will continue to improve our health, environment, safety, security and quality policy. We will monitor emerging issues, regulatory changes, technical innovations, stakeholder interests as well as our practices and processes to respond actively and in a timely way to global and local challenges and opportunities. This policy is reviewed periodically.

  • Communications: We will communicate impact from our operations openly and quickly. We communicate our policies, programs and performance according to our commitments to employees and stakeholders.

  • Accountability: We will implement our policy through the individual, managerial and organizational levels, and our control systems. We conduct regular audits and annual reviews to verify compliance in implementing this policy and company performance.

  • This policy was last updated in September 2015.



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