Yara and sustainability

Quality Products

Fertilizers are indispensable in global food production. Yara is committed to supplying products and services that are valued by customers, satisfy the highest quality criteria and support society’s need for safe food.
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Yara is the leading global supplier of plant nutrients and agronomic services to farmers worldwide. We also leverage the potential of our production processes by producing useful industrial products that help cleanse the air, assist in wastewater treatment and preserve food quality.

Product stewardship provides a systematic approach to monitoring and reviewing the quality of all activities and products at Yara. All products must adhere to international and national legislation, and are continuously monitored by Yara’s Product Classification and Regulation Department, which is also responsible for producing and updating safety data sheets for every product.

Yara’s procurement managers are committed to considering the environmental and social performance of suppliers, who are also subject to audits executed by Yara staff. Follow-up of suppliers and stringent procurement standards ensure that raw materials are of the right quality.

All Yara production processes are run in strict accordance with well-defined quality standards. All Yara’s plants meet the ISO 9001 quality standard, except one which is in the process of being certified. Yara also complies with the EU REACH regulation.

Food safety
Fertilizers and food production are closely linked - fertilizers are a key input providing about half the food in the world. In addition to providing enough food on limited land, plant nutrients are important for food quality, as they follow the food from farm to fork. In this respect, the fertilizer industry has a responsibility to provide plant nutrients that do not contaminate the food chain and satisfy society’s requirements for safe food.

Yara carries out Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) studies for all operations and products involved in the food and feed chain, including the supply chain. The HACCP studies are required by the European Union (EU) and designed to avoid contamination or impurities in products used in food and animal feed. Yara uses this standard on a global basis.

REACH Compliance
The EU REACH Regulation requires extensive evaluation, registration and testing of chemicals to safeguard human health and the environment.

Yara is continuously working on required registrations of manufactured and imported substances. Focus is also on specific registration requirements, production of safety reports and exposure scenarios for relevant products. Yara cooperates closely with suppliers, customers and industry to carry out extensive testing and documentation (for more info please check out our REACH page).

The principles of product stewardship, along with HACCP studies and compliance with the REACH Regulation, provide confidence that Yara’s plant nutrient products satisfy society’s requirement for safe food production, contributing to human health.

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