Yara and sustainability

Chemical Compliance and REACH

Yara is fully committed to be in compliance with chemical regulations worldwide. A permanent central function ‘Yara Chemical Compliance (YCC)’ has been established to assist Yara Units to achieve this goal, with an initial strong focus on Europe and an increasing focus on other parts of the world.
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Major tasks are the provision of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all relevant products in all markets and assisting in the registration of chemical substances and ingredients in these markets. Chemical classification and labeling have become more “harmonized” globally, but there are still challenges for companies like Yara operating in many different countries. YCC has a control function to enable Yara to stay compliant and is a service provider helping Yara business units meet their legal obligations regarding chemicals.

In Europe, guidance and assistance is offered concerning the EU regulations REACH, and the “Classification and labeling” regulation (CLP). Worldwide the focus is on the UN “Globally Harmonized System of  Classification and Labeling of Chemicals” (GHS) combined with assistance regarding chemical registration of product substances.


REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is the EU chemicals legislation to ensure the protection of human health and environment through better control and knowledge of chemical products. Yara has fully implemented REACH.

REACH has a profound effect on what companies manufacture, import, market and use in Europe. Besides requirements for testing and registration, REACH requires exchange of relevant chemical and use information between suppliers, customers, producers, importers and authorities. The regulation places the responsibility for proper risk management of chemicals on manufacturers/ importers.

Selected Non-European Yara Partners can make use of an integrated “Only Representative” (OR) function providing compliance services for supplies to Europe.

License to operate

Yara has incorporated REACH permanently in its operations and implemented relevant processes and IT-systems. Manufactured and imported substances are and will be registered according to demands set by the regulation and the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Yara will continue to supply its full portfolio of REACH compliant products, meeting current and future legal requirements and customer expectations.

Safety Data Sheets, Uses and Exposure Scenarios

Yara’s European Safety Data Sheets (SDS) include registration numbers for substances when provided from ECHA. Numerous uses are registered with ECHA for substances according to communication in the supply chain. SDS and extended Safety Datasheets (eSDS) are continuously prepared in accordance to REACH and CLP. Customers must verify their uses and implement Risk Management Measures (RMMs) as described in the Exposure Scenario (ES) part of an eSDS. Customers must notify Yara without delay in case a use is missing.

Continuous focus

Through its strong compliance focus and efforts, including programs like REACH, as well as Product Stewardship and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), Yara is fully committed to product safety. We will continue our contribution to human health and protection of the environment by providing compliant products and safe operations.

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