Yara and sustainability

Africa Engagement

Yara’s longstanding business presence in African markets, combined with our extensive knowledge, uniquely position us to contribute to agricultural development there. We take part in multinational dialogues and public-private partnerships, responding to the call for an African Green Revolution.

We were the first private sector company to heed the call from then Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan, when he urged participation from all sectors to support the development of African agriculture at a high-level meeting in Addis Ababa in 2004. Yara currently plays a key role in the global dialogue on agricultural development in support of African food security.

Yara’s engagement in policy and development dialogues runs parallel to advancing our business presence and partnership initiatives in support of improved productivity.

Business Presence
Yara has a long history of relations with Africa, dating back to the first consignment of fertilizers shipped to Egypt in 1929. We produce fertilizer in Libya and have sales offices  in South Africa, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Yara’s growth ambitions on the continent include a potential future investment in a world-class fertilizer production facility in Africa south of the Sahara. We are also assessing the viability of a potash mining facility in Ethiopia, and we are constructing a fertilizer terminal in Dar es Salaam to facilitate sales to a growing agricultural sector in the region as part of the Tanzanian Growth Corridor named SAGCOT. 

Development dialogue
Leveraging Yara’s global position, knowledge and century-long experience, we have a history of promoting a collaborative and cross-sector approach to developing the entire value chain of agriculture. While several African countries have impressive figures for economic growth, the  agricultural sector lags behind, and an increasing number of people are food insecure.

Yara sees a great potential for African agriculture, and throughout Yara’s history we have been  a dedicated partner in dialogue and partnerships aiming to spur development and inclusive growth.

Reaching the true potential of African farming is challenging, and Yara engages at multiple levels to promote such growth. Yara uses the global arena to attract partners, donors and investors as well as governments to collaborative efforts.

These efforts include innovative projects and concepts such as the Agricultural Growth Corridors, the more global approach found in the WEF framework New Vision for Agriculture and high-level policy engagements at G8 and the Grow Africa Partnership.


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