Yara and sustainability

Environmental Solutions

Yara has developed a range of products and solutions for industries and municipalities that contribute to improving their environmental performance and quality of life in communities around their sites. We help improve urban living conditions and reduce harmful emissions.
environmental solutions

Human activity, with industrial production and transportation combined with increasing urbanization, has changed the face of the earth. It causes pollution that harms the environment, as well as people’s health and living conditions.

Yara offers a complete range of environmental solutions to reduce the negative effects of pollution, including solutions for the abatement of nitrogen oxides (NOx), for the prevention of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emissions and odor control, as well as water treatment and corrosion prevention. NOx and H2S are both hazardous to human health and the environment. NOx emissions are a primary cause of acid rain and the formation of ground-level ozone and smog. They aggravate the respiratory problems of city dwellers and can cause acute damage to crops and trees. The WHO recently classified diesel exhaust as carcinogenic to humans.

Air quality: Yara is a global leading producer of NOx abatement solutions for vehicles and industrial plants, as well as maritime vessels. We help limit the negative impact of combustion processes and diesel exhaust.

Odor control: Yara has developed solutions for abating the negative effects of the toxic gas H2S, including unpleasant odor and corrosion, in wastewater and sewage systems.

Water quality: Yara offers solutions for water treatment, both in potable and wastewater plants. Our products and solutions limit the pH content, reduce corrosion in pipes and stabilize water quality.

Yara has used its extensive knowledge of nitrogen chemistry to make a positive impact on human health. Emissions of NOx from the combustion of fossil fuels is a major environmental problem, and the reductions achieved by the use of our solutions also reduce societal costs. The abatement of H2S has a potentially life-saving effect, as the toxic gas can be lethal for workers exposed to it in wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore, the reduction of H2S has a positive economic impact since it controls corrosion, expanding the lifespan of wastewater treatment systems.

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